Identity Change Request – Faculty & Staff


Employee Name & Gender ID Change Request Form

Centre College developed a policy in fall 2017 whereby current transgender employees may request a new first and/or middle name on campus, regardless of whether they have legally changed their name. Except where the legal name is required by law, industry standard, or strong business need, the College will endeavor to use the new name(s).

In addition to designating a new name or names, this policy allows transgender students to designate a gender marker that differs from their sex at birth, with the understanding that there may be some systems where the implementation of a gender marker other than the legal sex is not possible.

Because Centre has many information systems, it is possible that changes will not take effect in some areas of the College or will take effect more slowly in some areas than in others. The indication of a new name or gender cannot be for illegal or fraudulent purposes.

The new name(s) will be reflected:

     • In the Centre College portal (Centrenet)
     • Staff and faculty profiles
     • In news releases and announcements
     • On the Centre ID
     • Email aliases


Once completed, please submit the form to Kay Drake, Vice President for Human Resources & Administrative Services.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change my name(s) and gender identity?

The goal of the policy is to foster an inclusive campus environment that encourages self-expression. Centre College expects that requests will be made after careful consideration and with good intent. While the College reserves the right to deny any request, this would be done only if the request is deemed inappropriate in any way. For instance, name changes may not be used to avoid legal obligations or for illegal purposes, and they should not include offensive or derogatory language.

May I change my email address to reflect the new name(s)?

Yes. Please contact the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) to obtain a new email alias and account ID. The activation date of the new alias and account will be determined at the time of the request.

Where can I expect that my legal name will still need to be used?

While Centre College will attempt to use your new name(s) wherever possible, the full legal name will continue to be used when external sources require it or when the College determines that there is a strong business interest to use it, such as:
     • Checks and direct deposits issues by the Business Office
     • Federal immigration documents
     • Benefit records
     • Non-resident visas and supporting documentation
     • Payroll records
     • Tax forms

Once my request is approved, how do I obtain a new ID card?

Please visit the Student Life Office to obtain a new Centre College ID card that reflects the new name(s).

Is my gender identity reflected anywhere?

Gender is not reflected in any publically available forums, though it can be used as a data field in reports generated by personnel with approved access on a need-to-know basis.

Once I change my name or gender identity using this form, will everyone on campus know?

No. This is primarily about making changes to the College’s records, and then allowing those Centre personnel with a need to know to have the information and use it appropriately.  Others on campus will not be directly informed, but might see your new name on a directory list, email address, etc.


What do I do if my previous name appears on a document, list, or web page?

When this happens, please bring it to our attention through the Human Resource Office. We can then review to see if the new name can be used in that instance, what steps are needed to update our process or IT system to accommodate the change, or what campus office should be contacted to make the necessary change.

If I have more questions about the policy, whom do I contact?

Kay L. Drake, vice president for human resources, is the first place to start. If she is unable to answer your questions, an appropriate colleague will be recommended.