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Milton Reigelman

Internationalizing College Faculty Through Study Abroad

Milton Reigelman, Director of International Programs

In the last decade, virtually every college and university in the country has added “global citizenship” or “cross-cultural learning” or “international focus” to its mission and strategic plan. To support this new emphasis, faculties and administrators across the country have worked furiously to “internationalize” their curricula in various ways: by setting up programs in Islamic studies or world ecology, by sponsoring faculty travel seminars to foreign places, by requiring students to achieve “competence” in a foreign language and select one course from a list of courses that might include “Japanese film,” “The European Union Today,” “The Latin American Novel,” etc.




Study In Scotland

Known for its breathtaking Victorian architecture, thriving live-music scene, year-round festivals, parks, and renowned museums, Glasgow is Scotland’s second-largest city. You will study at the Principia Consortium at the University of Glasgow—an institution especially attractive to those interested in science or preparing for medical school, but open to all Centre students. You will have access to a wide array of courses, including the university’s top-rated art school. Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is 42 minutes away by train.


September 4-December 16, 2017.


The cost is the same as studying in Danville, with the exception of a $375 non-refundable deposit/surcharge and airfare. This amount includes a $15 carbon mitigation fee, but does not include the $20 cost of the required Travel Clinic that all Centre students going abroad must attend. In addition, during the term that a student spends in Glasgow, he or she pays only Centre tuition (not room-and-board) to the college. For that term, the student uses the room-and-board money that he or she usually pays to Centre to cover housing and meals in Glasgow.


Centre students will live in University of Glasgow housing, which, although not directly on campus, is within walking distance. Students have several rooming options, depending on how much they’d like to spend for housing while in Glasgow. Students will apply for housing online during the summer before their semester in Scotland and should be sure to watch their email inboxes carefully for instructions on applying.


Official course registration takes place after students arrive in Glasgow. Students should be flexible in selecting courses and should not assume that a particular class will be offered, or offered at a time that works with the student’s other selected courses, during the time they are in Glasgow. Neither Centre not the University of Glasgow can guarantee before official enrollment a student’s ability to take any Glasgow course except Scottish Enlightenment.

All students take The Scottish Enlightenment, a course specifically designed for the American students who are part of the Principia program at the University. The course examines the major figures of this important period of Scottish history, with topics ranging from Adam Smith and economics to David Hume and philosophy to Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) and science. Students will also choose two or three other courses from the many options offered at the university.

One of the science courses Centre recommends is the functional anatomy course, open only to American students in Principia program. This human anatomy lecture/lab course enables students to work with plastinated human specimens. The course will be especially beneficial to pre-med students and biology majors, as it would fulfill a medical school prerequisite and/or a four-credit biology elective.

Because the school’s laboratory courses are different than those at Centre, not all science courses will replace courses in Centre’s science curriculum; science students must check with science faculty at Centre to see what courses will earn science credit as substitutions. In late February, those selected will meet with students who studied in Glasgow in the fall to discuss specific classes they took as well as other things.

Deadlines & Requirements

• You must have a 3.0 GPA to apply. This is a requirement of the University of Glasgow.
• The application process will be discussed during the three campus-wide informational meetings on November 21, November 29, and January 5. Submit in your completed application no later than noon on February 15.
• Pay your non-refundable deposit of $375 by March 15, 2017, to reserve your spot.

Spend a semester in one of nine countries:

Chinese flagChina  British flag England  Scottish flagScotland
Japanese flagJapan Mexican flagMexico French flagFrance
Northern Ireland's flagNorthern Ireland Spanish flagSpainGerman flagGermany