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Two CentreTerm courses travel to Brazil to explore cultureMore than 20 Centre College students in the “Spanish-American Culture Abroad” and “Brazil’s Racial Paradise: Myth or Reality?” courses recently...

Here’s a list to help you prepare for your trip abroad.

Book your tickets as far in advance as possible.

Some have found,,, or helpful sites.

Obtain/renew your passport.

If you do not currently have a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after your return, you should begin the process of obtaining one as soon as you are selected. Some students have waited three months to receive a passport, even though the passport agency has stated that it will take 6-8 weeks.

Get medical insurance.

Students studying abroad through any Centre program receive travel and accident insurance at no additional cost. Centre’s Study Abroad Insurance, while provided through EIIA (Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators), is administered through AIG Assist. Every student studying abroad with Centre College receives an AIG Assist contact and information card as well as a passport sticker. Each has the Centre insurance policy number, which is the only information needed to receive services. The categories of coverage provided are: accident and sickness ($100,000 limit with a $250 deductible); emergency medical evacuation and emergency family travel ($100,000 limit); accidental death and disability ($200,000 limit); and repatriation of remains ($100,000 limit). For specific questions, please contact the International Programs office at 859.238.5285 or

Attend a Travel Clinic on campus.

Parson’s Health Center staff will give up-to-date information on recommended and necessary vaccinations and prescriptions for traveling abroad. If you do not attend one of the twice-yearly clinics, you will not be able to get prescriptions or vaccinations through Parson’s. You will also have to sign a waiver saying you missed the clinic, or you will not be able to go on your trip.

Travel Medicine Services at Parsons Student Health

Please note that Parsons Student Health Center does not accept insurance for payment, does no insurance billing or filing of forms, and does not have a tax ID number. Any charges associated with travel medicine services will be the student’s responsibility. Students may pay at the time of the appointment or may opt to have the charges applied to their student account. An itemized receipt will be provided or mailed to the student’s home address. Vaccinations are offered at or near Parsons’ cost. Please see current pricing below for the most common travel medicine charges. (NOTE: Students will not need all of these and the rabies vaccine is rarely recommended.)

• Travel Medicine Services Fee: $50
• Professional Consult/Education Session: $20
• Hep A: $25
• Hep B: $32
• Meningitis: $110
• Japanese Encephalitis: $245 (X2=$490)
• Influenza: $10
• Rabies: $226 (X3=$678)
• Tetanus: $38
• Polio: $26
• Yellow Fever: $95
• Typhoid: $50

Bring a laptop.

Constant communication with everyone in the world is less available abroad than it is in Danville. Although you may turn in all work hand-written, if you own a laptop, you should definitely take it.

Register for classes.

While abroad, you pre-register for future courses via email with your regular advisor. You will automatically receive six convocation credits for a semester abroad. While abroad, you may access articles on any database at our library. However, if you wish to use an e-book abroad, you must register with Netlibrary before you leave campus.

Talk about your trip.

Because any significant life transition can exacerbate and complicate already existing mental health issues, students who are currently on psychotropic medication and/or have been in mental health counseling should consider participating in the three-week Early Summer Strasbourg program or one of the CentreTerm programs abroad. In addition, those students are urged to meet with a Centre Student Assistance Program counselor prior to their leaving to develop a support plan for their time abroad.

If you’re a senior, apply for Senior Subsidy.

This will pay for a CentreTerm course abroad during your senior year or a summer course the summer before your senior year if:
1) are on need-based financial aid with a low government-determined EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and a significant amount of unmet need (“gap”), and

2) have not previously participated in a study abroad or study away program of any sort.

Spend a semester in one of eight countries:

flags_of_ChinaChina flags_of_United-Kingdom England  scotlandScotland
flags_of_JapanJapan flags_of_MexicoMexico flags_of_FranceFrance
northern_irelandNorthern Ireland flags_of_SpainSpain