Recycling at Centre

Campus Sustainability

What do we recycle at Centre?

Since 2003, the College has had a full-time Recycling Coordinator who organizes campus recycling pick up and promotional activities. There are containers for community members to recycle aluminum, cardboard, paper, and steel cans on campus. We recycle glass in the LEED buildings and 1 and 2 bottleneck plastic.

Cardboard and fiberboard

Please remove all packaging material and flatten all boxes. Materials included, but not limited to, are: cardboard packing boxes, cardboard tubes, boxes (with grey or brown insides), clean pizza boxes, cereal boxes, beverage boxes and cardboard tubes. Please remove metal strip from foil, plastic and saran boxes. The brown packing paper is acceptable, but the styrofoam and plastic packing is not acceptable at our Recycling Center.

Newspaper and paper

White paper, color paper, envelopes, calendars, brown paper bags, notepads, folders, newspapers, flyers, brochures, phone books, junk mail and shredded paper (bag shredded separately). Please do not overload plastic bags because they break easy and are too heavy.

Magazines and books (hardcover and paperback).

Steel and aluminum food and beverage containers

Any steel or aluminum food and beverage container. No need to remove labels. Please rinse steel cans.

Plastic 1 and 2 bottleneck bottles

The number for the plastic is usually located on the bottom in a triangle. Some examples: breakfast drinks, juice, liquor and mixes, milk, sodas/ale, sports drinks, tea, vegetable juice, shampoo, conditioner, bleach, fabric softener, detergent, stain remover, dish washing, and vinegar. No need to remove labels.

Toner/ink cartridges

Send used or empty toner/ink cartridges to Jan Wertz, assistant professor of psychology, through campus mail. She is involved with the Danville/Boyle County Humane Society and the recycling of these items help to benefit the program.


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