Graduate In Four Years


You Can Set Your Watch By It

Although the national average time to graduation is five years, at Centre it is four years. Not only do most Centre students graduate in four years, they also are able to take advantage of special opportunities such as internships and study abroad in that time. Many factors contribute to Centre’s strong four-year graduation rate, among them:

  • A top-notch, “one-to-one, from-day-one” advising system assigns students academic and career advisors before they ever set foot on campus.
  • A small student-to-faculty ratio (10.5:1) allows students more personalized interactions with faculty.
  • Outstanding faculty members take great interest in their students, sometimes holding classes in residence halls or inviting students home for dinnertime discussions.
  • Outstanding students. Our students have fun, but they also take their education seriously (over 50 percent of our students ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school class). Centre students also regularly win the most prestigious awards for postgraduate study (Rhodes, Fulbright, Rotary, and Truman scholarships).

Centre recognizes how important it is for you to graduate on time. Prompt graduation is a key way in which we give students the best educational value for their dollar. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranks Centre in the top-20 of liberal arts colleges that offer the best value in education.