Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad

Centre students are welcome to participate in internships abroad, and most students choose to do so during CentreTerm or the summer. See your career counselor for more information.

Please be aware that the U.S. Department of State website can be a helpful source of information for current travel warnings for Americans. Please consider these warnings when deciding to intern abroad. **Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to research and apply for the appropriate visas for the internship country.**



During CentreTerm each January, students participating in the Mérida internship program live in homestays and complete carefully selected internships with Mérida firms or organizations. Intermediate Spanish is necessary. In recent years, students have interned with the following organizations:

• Fundación Haciendas Mayas de Yucatán
• Dirección de Cultura, Ayuntamiento de Mérida
• Escuela Montessori Lancaster
• Escuela Primaria Manuel Cepeda Peraza
• Hospital de ISSSTE (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado)
• Hospital Psiquíatrico
• Centro Comunitario, Ayuntamiento de Mérida
• Fundación Plan Estratégico de Mérida
• Museo de Antropología
• Parque Ecológico Aak

Centre charges a fee to participate in this internship. The fee covers orientation, housing, and some outings. Students will be expected to pay for plane tickets, local transportation, and some meals (though most are provided as part of the homestay experience).

To learn more, contact Mindy Wilson in the Center for Career & Professional Development or Leigh Cocanougher at the Center for Global Citizenship.

Rio Internships

Centre has recently started exploring possible internships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for students to complete during CentreTerm and/or the summer. With the recent addition of the Latin American Studies minor at Centre, there has been increased interest in one of the major Latin American countries, Brazil, on campus. In addition to local interest, Brazil has been in the spotlight as one of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries in a stage of newly advanced economic development. Brazil will also be the host of the World Cup in 2014 and the next summer Olympics in 2016, focusing the spotlight on itself, and in particular, on Rio even more. Additionally, the U.S. State Department has recently expanded its Fulbright opportunities in Brazil in recognition of this up-and-coming Latin American powerhouse, and in fact, Brazil exceeds all other Latin American countries in Fulbright teaching assistantship positions.
Students who travel to Brazil for internships will be required to apply for a tourist visa.

Possible Internships:

• Art/Art History
Casa Daros holds the largest collection of Latin American Art in Latin America. Art and Art History students are invited to apply for an internship at their newly built 12,000-square-foot facility to assist in community outreach, education, and possibly working with artists in residence. English and Spanish preferred. Available summer 2014, possible availability in future summers as well as CentreTerm (2015 and beyond).
• Biology
Projecto Coral Vivo works in conservation education and research on the coral reef system of Brazil. There is an opportunity for up to two students to work with a biologist who works off the coast of Brazil near Salvador on a reef project. Students can live at the research station. There may be expanded opportunities with other biologists with the project. No language requirements. Possible availability summer and CentreTerm depending on when the biologist is at the research station.
• Education
Our Lady of Mercy, Rio, an American school with a population comprised of mostly Brazilians would like two students to conduct an SAT prep/college prep course for four weeks (July) each summer. Students would be provided an apartment on the school’s campus for use. No language requirements. Available July 2014.
• Film Studies
Globale Rio, an international film festival, would work with students interested in film. Students can assist with the organization of the festival itself as well as possibly work with a graduate film student at the local university. No language requirements, but Spanish could be useful. Possible availability CentreTerm and summer 2014.


• Talk with your career counselor to find out what opportunity works best for you.
• Submit a resume, statement of interest, and faculty recommendation to Mindy Wilson by February 14, 2014.
Students interested in summer positions should submit their applications by February 14. Students should be independent, adventurous and willing to work. This internship is an ideal option for students who have already studied abroad as Rio is a large, vibrant city, and the internship will require someone comfortable with foreign cultures and practices. 
All costs related to this internship are paid by the student.

Costa Rica Internship Program

During the summer and CentreTerm, students may participate in an ESL or medical internship in rural Costa Rica. Students will travel and intern in pairs while living with host families. All costs related to this internship are paid by the student. Intermediate Spanish is required. On-Site Program Coordinator: Maribel Elizondo Vargas. For more information or to apply, contact Dr. Genny Ballard, Associate Professor of Spanish.

Other International Internship Opportunities

Organizations with which Centre College faculty have relationships:
• Arava Institute (Israel)

Located in southern Israel, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is the premier environmental studies and research program in the Middle East. Accredited through Ben-Gurion University, the Arava Institute houses academic programs, research centers, and international cooperation initiatives focusing on a range of environmental concerns and challenges. Internships focus on environmental issues. Requirements: Minimum of two months commitment. Fees: $1300/month (includes room and board and all living expenses). Scholarships may be available for Jewish students. (Airfare and visa fees are not included.)
• Tsikbal (Merida, Mexico)
Tsikbal assists students who wish to intern in Merida, Mexico in finding internship placements (in almost any field except law) and homestay housing arrangements. Students should speak Spanish at the intermediate level or higher. Fees: $300 for internship and housing location assistance as well as general assistance while in Merida. Typical housing fees cost around $25 per day and include three meals. (Airfare and visa fees are not included.) For more information, visit the website or contact Claudia Chapa directly at
If you would like to set up your internship independently with an organization abroad, these programs and resources to research organizations might be useful:
• DAAD RISE Program — a paid summer internship program for undergraduate students from the United States, Canada, and the U.K. in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering. All working language will be in English. Deadline to apply is January 31.
• – thousands of non-profit and social issues/policy internships in the U.S. and abroad
• U.S. Department of State – summer internships in foreign affairs in Washington, D.C. or abroad. Deadline to apply is November 1.
There are many third-party internship organizations that can assist (for a fee) in locating high-quality international internships. Each program’s fees pay for varying levels of support and assistance. Below are programs that have been utilized by Centre students in the past and have received good reviews. If you are planning on using a third-party internship organization that is not listed here, we highly encourage you to request help in soliciting feedback about their programs by talking to your career counselor.
• Cheerful Hearts Foundation
Internships are available in the following fields: child labor and trafficking, health/public health, education standards/teaching, and organizational development. Fees start at $650 for the first month and $120/week after the first month and include airport transfers in Accra, rent and accomodation (in a shared house, dorm rooms, or in a homestay, depending on location), and two meals per day. (Airfare, local transportation, and visa fees are not included.)
• Crispaz
This program places volunteers in internship placements for a minimum of one month and up to two years in El Salvador. These internships can occur in the CentreTerm or summer months. Crispaz attempts to match students with their interests/course of study with a community need. Types of placements vary (medical, women’s organizations, farming, marketing, human rights, education, etc.). There is no language requirement. Fees are estimated at approximately $900 per month and includes housing, meals, bus money and a small stipend. (Airfare and visa fees are not included.) Students should apply at least three months prior to expected start date.
• East Africa Internships Abroad
A Centre alumnus, currently working in East Africa, will work in conjunction with the East Africa Institute for Study Abroad to help locate internships in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. Internships may be available in the following fields: medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, import-export trading, real estate development, energy, hotels and hospitality tourism. Housing assistance will be provided. Fees are estimated at $1425 for placement and on-ground assistance and $250-500 per month for housing. (Airfare, local transportation, food, and visa fees are not included.) To apply, send a cover letter stating your career and internship interests as well as a resume to Mindy Wilson.
• Jamaica Volunteer Programs
Internships are available in the medical and healthcare, childcare and orphanage, teaching and education, and business management fields. Fees range from $1710-$3120 for 4-8 week internships. (Airfare, local transportation, and visa fees are not included.)
• Unite for Sight
Global Impact Fellows work in Ghana, Honduras and India to gain a better understanding of global health deleivery programs. Fees: $1800 plus housing. (Housing costs differ depending on location and duration.) (Airfare, local transportation, food, and visa fees are not included.)
• World Teach
Education internship opportunities exist in China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Poland, and South Africa. Fees: $3990 for 8-10 week programs (includes housing). (Airfare, local transportation, and visa fees are not included.)

Paying For It

There are several on-campus funding opportunities available for students who complete internships abroad. All programs are competitive, so students should have their proposals reviewed by a career counselor before they submit them. More information about these programs and requirements can be found on the Center for Career & Professional Development website.

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