The Centre Commitment



The Centre Commitment guarantees students who meet the College’s academic and social expectations an internship or (beginning with the class of 2017) a research opportunity, study abroad, and graduation in four years. If a student is unable to secure the components of the Centre Commitment within four consecutive years of enrollment, the College will provide up to an additional year of study tuition-free.

The Internship Advantage

Internships are essential for successful careers after graduation; in fact, most employers offer almost 10 percent higher average starting salaries to recent college graduates who have completed an internship. Aside from valuable real-world experience, internships let you try on a career, giving you the freedom to begin forging your future before you graduate. LEARN MORE

The Research Challenge

Centre students are often eager for intellectual challenges beyond the traditional classroom—at Centre, they can become partners in learning with faculty members, both on campus and abroad. This collaborative work is a vital bridge to graduate study or employment after Centre. LEARN MORE

Study Abroad

If you like the idea of studying theatre where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed, learning about Mexican architecture by exploring Mayan ruins, or perfecting your French as you traverse the French countryside, Centre is where you belong. With semester-long programs in eight countries and countless shorter trips across the globe, you’ll travel the world—guaranteed. LEARN MORE

We Deliver

We stand by our four-year graduation rate because:
Our small student-to-faculty ratio (10:1) allows you to have intense, engaging classroom experiences and frequent out of class meetings with your professors; Our outstanding faculty members take a serious and permanent interest you, forging meaningful relationships that benefit you both at Centre and beyond; and Our campus community cares for and supports each and every one of its members. At Centre, your professors, coaches, cafeteria staff and college president know your name—this close-knit, caring environment means that you have the support, guidance, and inspiration to graduate in four years, guaranteed. LEARN MORE

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