Collaborate with faculty, test-drive a career, and travel the world—all in four years, guaranteed

The Centre Commitment guarantees students who meet the College’s academic and social expectations an internship or (beginning with the class of 2017) a research opportunity, study abroad, and graduation in four years. If a student is unable to secure the components of the Centre Commitment within four consecutive years of enrollment, the College will provide up to an additional year of study tuition-free. Thus far, no Centre student has needed the extra year.



The classroom is just the beginning

Centre professors hold engaging and challenging classes—and that’s just the beginning. From your first year when you’re invited to their homes for dinner, to your senior year when they watch you graduate, Centre professors are invested in your success, both at Centre and beyond. You’ll forge meaningful, lasting bonds with your professors that bridge connections to future employment and graduate study.


The world awaits you

At Centre, learning doesn’t just occur on campus—international study is a way of life, with 85 percent of students studying abroad at least once. Choose from eight semester-long programs spanning France, Mexico, England, Japan, China, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Spain at a cost only marginally higher than a semester on campus.



A unique campus, culture, and curriculum

Current students will tell you: a Centre education isn’t just an accomplishment, it’s an experience. Learning both inside and outside of the classroom, collaborating with faculty and other students, and traveling around the world are just the beginning of the uniquely intense and immersive brand of education Centre is famous for.


More than a diploma

Centre graduates have more than a diploma after commencement—they also boast a global perspective, career experience, and research skills, making them real-world-ready in ways other college grads aren’t. With 97 percent of Centre students employed or in advanced study within ten months of graduation, it’s safe to say that Centre degrees don’t just put extra words on a resume—they put graduates to work.

Happiest Alumni

Centre alumni ranked happiest in the nation

For the second year in a row, Centre College is ranked #1 in the nation for Overall Happiness according to the recently released 2013 Alumni Factor guidebook. The Alumni Factor measures six main outcomes—College Experience, Overall Assessment, Financial Success, Overall Happiness, Alumni Giving and Graduation Rate—to calculate its rankings.

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