CentreTerm is a three-week January term that gives students and faculty an opportunity to dive headlong into subjects that interest and intrigue them. CentreTerm is flexible. It’s creative. It’s intense. And it’s only at Centre.

An Academic Adventure

CentreTerm classes are carefully designed, based on the special interests and expertise of the professor. CentreTerm courses may include field trips, dinner discussions, labs, and other special activities to arouse student interest. All faculty members view CentreTerm courses as a journey to be shared with their students.

Learn on Location

Students also have exciting opportunities to learn while traveling during CentreTerm. How about studying volcanoes in New Zealand or art and dance in Bali? Other students have studied the Spanish language in Costa Rica, sustainable architecture in Australia, and American colonialism in Hawaii, among other topics and places. Students who don’t study abroad during CentreTerm are still likely to have the opportunity to travel because courses are designed with field trips in mind. To learn more about CentreTerm trips abroad, visit the Center for Global Citizenship.

Focus on First-Years

Another special aspect of the CentreTerm is the focus on first-year students who can take fascinating first-year-only seminars such as “Popular Music in American History”; “Food in Film, Fiction, and the Fine Arts”; and “Rainmaking: The Study of a Preparation for Leadership,” to name only a few. Since classes are capped at 15 students, freshmen develop close working relationships with their professors and classmates while experiencing education in the small, intimate settings usually reserved for upperclassmen.

Rewarding Internships

Gain valuable job experience, earn academic credit, and—in some cases—earn money! Internships are another option available to students during CentreTerm. During internships, students can discover whether a job suits them, apply what they’ve learned in class to real-life situations, and make contacts for future job searches. Students can earn academic credit for internships and apply for Internship Plus, which provides financial support for selected internships.

Research Opportunities

During CentreTerm, students also can complete approved, self-designed research projects or collaborate on research with Centre professors. And faculty members pursuing research projects regularly seek out students to assist them; students gain valuable experience and contacts that may lead to jobs or graduate school fellowships.


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