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The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office would be pleased to help you throughout the award process, from brainstorming to submitting the application to award management.

To ensure that all funding requests from the Centre community are coordinated and receive the appropriate approvals, the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office has issued the Proposal Preparation and Award Management Guide. Though you are encouraged to review the full guide, some key procedural elements are highlighted below.

Proposal Preparation and Award Management Guide

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Contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office

Strong communication between individuals and programs seeking external funding and College administrators is critical to helping Centre maintain good relationships with sponsoring agencies. The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office will help you navigate the internal avenues that will lead to your application being submitted with the College’s full support.
In addition, the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office will also prepared to assist you in proposal preparation, including brainstorming, opportunity identification, proofreading and editing, and developing a budget and budget justification. The sooner you let a Corporate and Foundation Relations staff person know of your interests, the sooner we will be able to help you!

Obtain approval from the IRB and/or IACUC

If your research involves human subjects in any way, from anonymous surveys to blood draws or anything in between, you MUST obtain approval for your study from Centre College’s Institutional Review Board. Similarly, if your research involves animal subjects, your protocol must receive approval from the College’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. A funding agency may require proof of IRB or IACUC approval at the time of proposal or simply before the research begins.

Complete the Centre College Sponsored Research Routing Form

The Centre College Proposal Routing Form must be completed and submitted to the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office before your proposal is submitted to the sponsoring agency. Please begin circulating the Proposal Routing Form at least two weeks prior to the proposal’s due date.

Centre College Sponsored Research Routing Form

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Keep in Contact

Please provide copies of the final application materials to the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office for the official College file. Also, notify the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office when you learn the status of the proposal. If an award is made, the staff of the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office will assist you in setting up an account with the Finance Office and making the appropriate notifications.

Sponsored Research Office Services

Below are examples of some of the ways that the Associate Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations can assist you in pursuing external funding.

• Assisting to locate appropriate funding sources for your research interests

• Information about campus procedures relevant to your successful submission

• Helping you to establish a schedule for preparing and submitting proposals

• Coordinating proposals that involve several participants, academic programs, or institutions

• Coordinating efforts on campus, to ensure awareness of multiple proposals being sent to a single source of funding

• Copy editing, proofreading, and critical review of proposal drafts

• Providing general information about Centre

• Ensuring compliance with College and Foundation guidelines

• Preparing budgets

• Navigating and submitting via Grants.gov, Fastlane.gov, and other federal online submission platforms