Searching for Funding


A funding search can be a daunting task, but it is not insurmountable. Review the suggestions below on how to get started.


Prepare a brief summary of your project

Include categories such as goals, initiatives, timeline, the amount of money needed, and other pieces of information integral to your project. Identifying your needs and goals will help you identify good funding matches.

It’s about who you know (or who the people that you know, know).

• Speak with others in your field to discover who sponsored their research.
• Contact your professional organization to see if it offers fellowships or grants.
• Review the acknowledgements of journal articles on which your research builds. Some agencies may be interested in funding the “next step” of research they found interesting in the past.

Databases and search engines

• The College has a subscription to the Foundation Directory Online database through which private and corporate foundations can be searched by keyword, geographic focus, types of support, and other categories. Contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office to initiative a search.
• The federal government has a clearinghouse for all federal funding programs at Agencies such as NSF, NEH, NIH, DOE, USDA, etc. also maintain grant pages listing opportunities specific to their agencies.
• The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office, with the great assistance of ITS, has prepared an opportunities database listing private foundation and federally sponsored funding opportunities in which Centre College community members may be interested. The database is searchable by division, discipline, or keyword. The opportunities in the database are reviewed at least once each long term by the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office, and new opportunities and updated information are added. The opportunities database may be accessed by logging into CentreNet.
• Google (or other preferred search engine) can be a powerful tool for resource searching. Use specific key words and look beyond the first page of results.