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Genda Zhao ’17 studies Manchu culture as a John C. Young ScholarJohn C. Young (JCY) Scholar Genda Zhao ’17 dug deep into his own culture during his yearlong project titled “Ethnographic...
Centre College honors faculty and staff at closing dinnerCentre College honored members of its campus community on May 16 at the annual faculty and staff appreciation dinner and...
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Anthropology asks, what shapes us as humans? Sociology asks, how does social structure shape culture? Both disciplines ask what it means to be human.

Anthropology and sociology bridge the gap between life sciences and humanities, revealing the biocultural and sociocultural nature of so much of human experience. They provide a unifying framework for understanding the totality of the human condition and our responsibility for service in a global society.

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Your Major Took You Where?

A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates



Charleston Parks and Conservation University of Washington (M.A., museology)
Food Recovery Network Cleveland Marshall School of Law (J.D., law)
Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme Columbia University (M.A., anthropology)
IQTalents, LLC University of Kentucky (M.L.S., library & information science)
Clark County Educational Service Center Texas State University (Archaeology Field School)
AmeriCorps Vista University of Louisville

Student Prize Recipients

The Anthropology Prize is awarded to an outstanding senior anthropology major.
The Sociology Prize is awarded to an outstanding senior sociology major.




2015-16 Ryley Swanner Clara Gaddie
2014-15 Luke Maupin Claire Phillips
2013-14 Hillary Hannabass Sarah Brown
2012-13 Rachel Stivers-Bender Danielle Ryan
2011-12 Kara Beer Sara Small
2010-11 Lauren Everett Rachel Skaggs
2009-10 Haley Siler Melissa Raley
2008-09 Sarah Baird Sarah Baird