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John C. Young scholar Sadhvika Reddy ’17 explores the concept of exotic womenWhen John C. Young (JCY) Scholar Sadhvika Reddy ’17 starts her work with the AmeriCorp Project in Chicago, she will have...
Students use liberal arts to explore Centre’s historyDuring the 2017 spring semester, Associate Professor of Art History Jay Bloom taught a course titled Visualizing Centre’s History that allowed...
Norton Center art exhibit invites visitors to “Rohm”Through generous gifts from the Karp Family and the O.K. Harris Gallery in New York City, Centre College’s Norton Center...
Jay Bloom teaching art history

Members of the Art Program believe that an understanding of various forms of the visual arts — both traditional and innovative — enhances our experience and enjoyment of our surroundings, especially its aesthetic aspects, and that art can provide greater meaning to the lives of those seeking to come to terms with it.

Courses in art history cover the entire chronological range of the Western tradition, examining artworks from stylistic, historical, and iconographical points of view. A major in art history presents a written thesis and public lecture at the end of the senior year.

Majors and minors may choose to continue their education in the visual arts in graduate school as preparation for careers as artists, educators, or staff members in museums, galleries, and other collection venues. But virtually every course in the Art Program also enrolls students from a broad variety of other disciplines. They come in search of parallels among the visual arts to other forms of human expression — historical, anthropological, literary, musical, and dramatic — both past and present, or merely with a wish to complement their other undergraduate experiences in the liberal arts by grasping more fully the bases of aesthetic meaning and judgment.
Whatever motivation might bring a student into the Visual Arts Center, however, an appreciation for the enduring values of art provides solid support for the life of any educated and inquisitive person.

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