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Studio Art Courses

ARS 110 Introduction to Drawing

This course requires no previous instruction in art. It emphasizes charcoal drawing from direct observation, concentrating on still life as a subject. The aim is to give students proficiency in the fundamentals of proportional measuring, perspective, composition and modeling form with light and shade. In addition to studio work, students learn by studying and copying from master drawings. As students gain proficiency, other materials or subjects may be introduced, such as the use of paint or outdoor landscape drawing. Periodic class discussions and written assignments help students learn visual analysis and a general approach to the criticism of art.

ARS 210 Drawing and Painting-I

Student enrolling in this course should be proficient in drawing, but need not have any experience in painting. The course gives equal emphasis to drawing and oil painting, moving back and forth between the media to emphasize their interdependence. Drawing skills will be developed by working directly from life throughout the term. Oil painting methods will be introduced with the study of still life, followed by the human figure with emphasis on the head. Direct observation of the figure will be enriched by the study of anatomical form and copies from masterworks in drawing and painting. Prerequisite: ARS 110 or FRS 119 or permission of the instructor.

ARS 220 Drawing and Painting-II

This is an intermediate course. To enroll in it, students should have proficiency in figure drawing and the fundamentals of oil painting. The class will begin with several weeks of outdoor landscape drawings and oil studies. As the weather turns cool, the class will take up intensive study of the figure. Students will continue to study anatomical form, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive understanding of the figure. The course will culminate in a project that takes students through the process of building a picture from initial sketches to a well-resolved composition. Prerequisite: ARS 210.

ARS 230 Ceramics-I

An initial studio experience in ceramic techniques which includes art theory and ceramic history. Processing, forming, and firing are studied in concert with an aesthetic consideration of the articulation of form and surface decoration.

ARS 240 Hot Glass-I

From traditional vessels to sculptural forms, students learn the fundamental techniques of glass blowing and casting. Attention is given to the history of glass and to the formulation of a personal expression through the creation of glass objects. Prerequisite: One previous art course (studio or art history).

ARS 251/ARS 455 The Art of Porcelain

Students learn to create with this demanding clay through a series of projects designed to explore porcelain’s properties of whiteness and translucency. Students model, mold, carve, and glaze porcelain. A visiting artist will demonstrate techniques of using porcelain. Prerequisite for ARS 455: ARS 230 or 251.

ARS 252/452 Venetian Glass Techniques

A study of Venetian glass blowing techniques. Venetian glass is known for it’s elegant, well crafted shapes that exploit intricate colored canes in their surface decoration. Students spend a part of each day in the hot glass studio practicing Venetian techniques. We will study many of the Venetian glass artists and factories that have made the island of Murano so famous. The class will focus on Venetian glass of the 16th century and trace it’s development all the way to contemporary times. This class will be an even mix of theory and practice. No prerequisite for ARS 252; ARS 240 or 252 required for 452.

ARS 320 Drawing and Painting-III

Advanced study in drawing and oil painting. The course presents a thorough overview of the human figure as a subject. Students will learn anatomy as it relates to visual form in the figure. The course will finish with a major independent project incorporating the skills developed during the term. Prerequisite: ARS 220.

ARS 321 Drawing and Painting-IV

The ceramic program at Centre is equipped with an outstanding studio facility with ample space for creating. Our firing options rival those offered at any large university. Courses are designed for students to pursue their aesthetic sensibilities within the structure of specific assignments. In our studios, technical knowledge is coupled with creative intent.

ARS 330 Ceramics-II

Refinement of building methods and artistic intent. Further technical exploration of glazes and firing methods. Prerequisite: ARS 230 or ARS 251.

ARS 331 Ceramics-III

Students work in conjunction with the instructor to plan and create a series of coherent and resolved works while continuing technical experiments. Prerequisites: ARS 330.

ARS 340 Hot Glass-II

Refinement of techniques and artistic intent. Prerequisite: ARS 240 or ARS 252.

ARS 341 Hot Glass-III

An advanced study of glass. Students focus on one long-term project that culminates in a series of highly resolved works. Prerequisite: ARS 340.

ARS 420 Drawing and Painting-V

Advanced study in drawing and oil painting, recommended for art majors, especially those planning a senior exhibition in painting and drawing. This course will extend the study of the figure and anatomy, and require more accomplished and ambitious works. Students will learn to develop imagery independently and to work through a series of images with related themes. Prerequisite: ARS 321.

ARS 430 Ceramics-IV

Continuation of ART 331, culminating in a coherent and resolved body of work. Prerequisite: ARS 331.

ARS 440 Hot Glass-IV

Continuation of ARS 341. Prerequisite: ARS 341.

ARS 499 Senior Exhibition

Directed studio work in consultation with a faculty member. The term culminates in an exhibition of a coherent series of original creative works, usually in one medium. Prerequisite: Senior studio art major.