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Centre’s program in biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) is designed to provide a solid introduction to the cellular and molecular fundamentals of life.

This program meets the needs of a variety of students: those who want to pursue biochemistry, cell biology, and/or molecular genetics in graduate school, those who want to pursue a career in the health professions (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, or allied health fields), and those biology, chemistry, or physics students who want to broaden and complement their course of studies.

The overall design of the BMB major is to “build up,” starting in the first-year/sophomore years with a solid foundation in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as biology. The “payoff” then comes in the junior and senior years, as we progress from macromolecules to cellular metabolism to molecular genetics to cell biology. At the same time, these junior-senior BMB courses introduce the student to most of the major experimental tools that are critical to this molecular understanding of life. Finally, students are exposed to a wide spectrum of research currently underway in this field, partly by a senior seminar on current research topics, and partly by the expectation that most BMB upper-class students will be involved in research participation, either at Centre or in several off-campus programs with which we are affiliated.
With appropriate post-baccalaureate work, the BMB major will prepare students for a wide variety of professions in the sciences — careers in medicine or other health sciences; biological and chemical research in academia, government, or private industry; and teaching.


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Your Major Took You Where?

A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates



Alltech University of North Carolina (Ph.D., biological/biomedical sciences program)
Fulbright Scholar Program (Malaysia) Belmont University (Pharm.D., pharmacy)
Duke University (Ph.D., molecular cancer biology)
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (M.D., medicine)
Johns Hopkins University (M.D., medicine)