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Below is a list of chemistry instrumentation that is available to both faculty and students for use in courses and in research.


• JEOL Eclipse 300 FT NMR spectrometer
• Perkin-Elmer Spectrum 100 FTIR spectrometer
• Nicolet Avatar 360 FTIR spectrometer
• Cary 100 Bio UV-visible spectrophotometer
• PTI fluorescence system
• Varian Saturn 2000 GC/MS
• Varian SpectrAA 220FS atomic absorption spectrophotometer
• Varian CP-3800 research gas chromatograph
• Varian ProStar HPLC system
• Varian 3900 GC-FID (2)
• Perkin-Elmer Clarus 580 GC-ECD
• Perkin-Elmer DSC6 differential scanning calorimeter
• Metrohm 757VA voltammetry apparatus
• Bruker Tracer III-V+ x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer
• Polaris Nd:YAG laser
• Itemiser3 ion mobility spectrometer
• Smiths Detection 400B ion mobility spectrometer
• Pine electrochemistry system/potentiostat
• Delta Nu Raman Spectrometer
• BioTek Fluorescent/UV-Vis Plate reader