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Ke Yi

Photo of  Ke  Yi
Visiting Instructor of Chinese Centre CollegeDivision I Work Crounse - 460A

Yi Ke joined the Centre College faculty in 2017 as visiting instructor of Chinese.

Yi Ke has been working for different institutions in both China and US: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Wabash College, Purdue University, and Centre College. He teaches language courses in Chinese 100, 200 and 300 levels which also include east asian culture and history. He adopt a communication-oriented and student-centered approach which encourages students to use the target language in a given task. He believes that teaching a foreign language is not just teaching a skill or how to communicate in a different language, the experience is associated with a transformation of people’s culture and identity.

Yi Ke’s research focuses on second language acquisition and assessment. His previous work includes designing qualitative and quantitative assessments for L2 Chinese learners’ oral proficiency using a task-based approach. Evaluating three aspects of speech production: accuracy, fluency and complexity and compare the results to ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview. Research the relationship between instruction and acquisition of grammatical structures, as well as the learnability of the linguistics features in the field of SLA with a focus on Chinese based on Natural Order Hypothesis and Processibility Theory.

Yi earned a B.A. in second language acquisition from Sichuan Normal University; an M.A. in theory of literature and art from East China Normal University; and an M.A. in program in applied linguistics from Purdue University.


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