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Strasbourg, France

The study of French is more than the study of language. It is the immersion into the rich and varied culture of the Francophone world through coursework and study abroad.

The French program at Centre helps students discover the will to be scholar-citizens informed about the literature, art, music, and history of France, curious about international affairs relating to Francophone countries, and desirous of communicating with French-speaking people here and abroad.

When the Medici family sought a motto to express their optimism and humanism, they chose “Le Temps Revient,” a French expression meaning “The Great Age Returns.” Their choice of French was not accidental, for the study of this language offers a royal path to discovering the complexity of human experience from the Oaths of Strasbourg in the ninth century to the present.

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Teaching Assistance Program (Privas, France) University of Sheffield (M.P.H., public health)
JET Programme (Japan) George Washing University (M.A., European & Eurasian studies)
Education Nationale University of Memphis (J.D., law)