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“Balance of Art and Science” presented at 9th annual RICE Symposium  As a double major in music and biochemistry & molecular biology, Annalara Fischer ’16 understands the intersection between art...
Centre College presents music for every tasteMusic will be springing up on campus like flowers on steroids as Centre College students and faculty share their talents...

Centre College offers an extraordinary wealth of opportunities for students who wish to pursue their love of music in college.

Centre’s music faculty are unbelievably passionate and dedicated to developing your potential as a musician and student of music. All are fabulous and inspiring musicians, and often develop life-long friendships with their students.

Whether you want to play in a first-rate college orchestra or sing in a choir, perform in an opera or musical, play in our famous Kentucky music ensemble, learn about traditional music from exotic cultures, work with some of the amazing world-class artists who come to the Norton Center for the Arts, or study music from some of our internationally acclaimed faculty, Centre’s music program is brimming with possibilities.

Special Scholarships for Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Scholarship (drama and/or music) program recognizes talented musicians, actors, and theater technicians. Applicants compete for Performing Arts Scholarships, valued up to $5,000 per year and awarded by the drama and music programs. Students should have experience in and a commitment to further personal development in the musical or dramatic arts. Majoring in drama or music is not required. Details about the scholarship can be found on the Special Scholarships web page.

Our students are a diverse bunch of extremely talented young men and women. Some are classically trained instrumentalists and vocalists, others are composers who enjoy writing popular music, music for their own instrument, or for an ensemble. Some are blues pianists, some specialize in digital music technology, while others play traditional banjo music or specialize in Baroque vocal music. Our majors pursue graduate work in performance, musicology, composition, music education, and music therapy. Many of our students are double majors or students who simply can’t stop making music while they major in another field. They bring their love of music to their careers as doctors, educators, researchers, and lawyers.
The Music Program at Centre College seeks to provide a meaningful experience with music of high quality for every student at the College. We are committed to:
• Enabling students to listen perceptively and communicate clearly about music.
• Developing each student’s understanding of the interrelationship of the history, theory, and practice of music.
• Increasing and broadening student appreciation of a variety of musical styles.
• Enabling students to become more accomplished, creative, and expressive musicians through participation in applied study and performance organizations.
• Preparing students with professional aspirations in music for employment and graduate studies in the discipline.


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