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Pit Band Spring 2016

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Assassins Pit Band

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Basic Information

Pit Band will be its own distinct ensemble. Participation in pit band is not directly connected to your participation in any other music program ensemble. Any accommodations that need to be made regarding attendance or participation in other ensembles will be at the discretion of the director of that ensemble and will be made on a case by case basis.


You are eligible to receive 1 credit hour for your work in pit band by registering for a practicum credit through the drama department.


Because of the rehearsal schedule, you will need to learn your parts BEFORE rehearsals commence.


Pit band members may also be able to be in the chorus of the show, so if you’re interested in doing double duty, as it were, be sure to indicate that when you sign up. Also, be sure to attend cast auditions and let the director know that you’re planning to be in the pit.


Questions? Email Dr. Loeb.

Preliminary Schedule

Performances: April 20, 21, 22, and 23 at 8pm

Dress Rehearsals: April 17, 18, and 19

Sitzprobe (full rehearsal with cast): April 3

Pit band only rehearsals: Begin the week of Feb 29. Precise times TBA depending on needs of players and stage rehearsals.

Week of Feb 29 – 2 hours

Week of March 7 – 3 hours

Week of March 14 – 3 hours

Week of March 28 – 3-5 hours

Week of April 4 – 3-5 hours

Week of April 11 until end of production – as needed



This listing is preliminary, since the books are built with the assumption of people doubling on more instruments than is likely for us. This is a listing of what instruments are in each books. Precise numbers of players and instruments will be available soon. Please feel free to sign up for pit band if you play any instrument or combinations of instruments listed in any of the books.

Book 1

Bass, Guitar, Banjo, electric guitar, mandolin

Book 2

French horn

Book 3

Keyboard 2

Book 4

Percussion (including drum set)

Book 5

Clarinet, flute, harmonica, piccolo, soprano sax

Book 6

Alto sax, clarinet, english horn, oboe, piccolo

Book 7

Clarinet, bass clarinet, Eb clarinet, flute, piccolo, tenor sax

Book 8

Baritone sax, bassoon, clarinet

Book 9

Trombone, euphonium

Book 10

Trumpet 1

Book 11

Trumpet 2


Sign Up

Filling out this form is not a binding commitment. If you are interested, please sign up by Jan. 15. At that point, I will be making plans based on who has signed up, so if you change your mind after that date, please get in touch ASAP.