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How to Join Wind Ensemble and Orchestra

Membership in Centre College ensembles is by audition. We make every effort to accommodate all students wishing to join, but a level of technical proficiency sufficient to keep up is required. We are happy to welcome community members to fill spots for which no students are available. (For information on how to join pep band, click here.)

Community members – please contact Jaemi to set up a meeting and audition time. (Read on for general audition expectations.)

All student members, new and returning, must sign up for an audition by clicking here. If you don’t see an available slot that fits your schedule, contact Jaemi.

The audition is a chance to get to know the music director and for her to get to know you, your playing level, and your commitment level. The goal is to make sure that everyone is given parts that are challenging, but not overwhelming. All student members will also need to sign up for the appropriate class (MUS 191 for Orchestra, MUS 197 for Wind Ensemble), which is a 1 credit hour, Pass/Fail class. Jaemi can sign any necessary forms needed by the registrar or dean.

Music Scholarship Recipients – Remember that you are required to participate in an ensemble every term (unless you are abroad). If you have questions or concerns about this requirement, please contact Jaemi.

Note to wind players – Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences in terms of placement in Orchestra or Wind Ensemble or both. But, final decisions will be based on how your playing lines up with the specific needs of the parts and the ensemble. You only need to sign up for ONE audition time, even if you wish to be considered for both Wind Ensemble and Orchestra.


Audition Expectations for All Players

1. Roughly one page of solo music (concerto, sonata, advanced etude, etc.)

2. A short excerpt from ensemble music. This should be an exposed or important moment from a piece of standard repertoire. If you nee help choosing either a solo or an excerpt, contact Jaemi or check out this website to download free parts.

3. Sight reading (new members only)