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Schedule a Visit to the Centre Percussion Studies Area

Any students who are interested in attending Centre College are strongly encouraged to schedule a visit to campus and meet with Dr. Arvay to discuss the offerings of the Percussion Studies area, the Music Program, and the college at large.

Students can set up a visit by emailing Dr. Brandon Arvay at brandon.arvay@centre.edu and completing the Visit Registration Form.

Special Scholarships for Performing Arts (Majors and Non-Majors)

The Performing Arts Scholarship (drama and/or music) program recognizes talented musicians, actors, and theater technicians. Applicants compete for Performing Arts Scholarships, valued up to $5,000 per year and awarded by the drama and music programs. Students should have experience in and a commitment to further personal development in the musical or dramatic arts. Majoring in drama or music is not required. Details about the scholarship can be found on the Special Scholarships web page.

Why Centre?

Collaborate with faculty, test-drive a career, and travel the world—all in four years, guaranteed!

The Centre Commitment guarantees students who meet the College’s academic and social expectations an internship or (beginning with the class of 2017) a research opportunity, study abroad, and graduation in four years. If a student is unable to secure the components of the Centre Commitment within four consecutive years of enrollment, the College will provide up to an additional year of study tuition-free. Thus far, no Centre student has needed the extra year.

At Centre, learning doesn’t just occur on campus—international study is a way of life, with 85 percent of students studying abroad at least once. Choose from eight semester-long programs spanning France, Mexico, England, Japan, China, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Spain at a cost only marginally higher than a semester on campus.

Centre graduates have more than a diploma after commencement—they also boast a global perspective, career experience, and research skills, making them real-world-ready in ways other college grads aren’t. With 97 percent of Centre students employed or in advanced study within ten months of graduation, it’s safe to say that Centre degrees don’t just put extra words on a resume—they put graduates to work.

Class of 2012

• 97 percent were employed or in advanced study within 10 months of graduation (of those reporting).
• 93 percent of law school applicants were admitted.
• 86 percent of medical school applicants were admitted.

Class of 2013

• 96 percent were employed or in advanced study within 10 months of graduation (of those reporting).
• 94 percent of law school applicants were admitted.
• 86 percent of medical school applicants were admitted.

Class of 2014

• 95 percent were employed or in advanced study within 12 months of graduation (of those reporting).
• 100 percent of law school applicants were admitted.
• 94 percent of medical school applicants were admitted.

Music at Centre

Centre offers a bachelor of arts degree with a music major or minor. Because of our small class size and excellent student- to-faculty ratio, we are able to tailor our offerings to individual student’s needs and interests in studying abroad. Several of Centre’s ensembles tour both nationally and internationally. Centre’s music majors go on to graduate study at first-rate universities, establish careers in performance, enter all levels of teaching from elementary through college/university, serve in ministry or in military music ensembles, and work in arts administration and recording engineering. Music alumni are also doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and professionals in many other fields. Students not majoring in music have equal access to most courses and to all areas of applied music and music ensembles.

Instrumental Ensembles

Students of all majors are welcome to perform in instrumental ensembles both large and small. The Centre Orchestra performs symphonic literature, features student soloists, and combines with the choir for large choral works. The Centre Wind Ensemble performs music from the wind band tradition and also features student soloists. The Kentucky Music Ensemble places students in small groups to explore bluegrass, country, and similar popular musics. Other small ensembles include Centre Percussion and CentreJazz, each of which explores both standard and avant garde repertoire for these groups. The Pep Band lends school spirit to athletic events and is open to the whole campus. In addition, informal student chamber ensembles (string quartets, piano trios, wind ensembles, for example) may request faculty guidance.