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LINC courses on space and time encourage creativity at CentreThis spring semester, two Centre College professors will teach courses as part of the Learn, Inquire and Network at Centre...
Chris Robinson ’12 invited to present at prestigious conferenceChris Robinson ‘12 presented independent research on vehicle routing at the July 2017 SAI Computing Conference in London, England. The...
Centre College professor and student teach experimental sessions in ItalyAlong with students, Centre College faculty are given opportunities to travel abroad and share their expertise in their field of study,...
Jim Kelly teaching physics class

From sub-atomic particles to the origin and structure of the universe, physics uses the language of mathematics to discover, describe, and apply the fundamental laws of nature.

Our physics curriculum provides study in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermal physics, optics, modern and quantum physics, digital electronics and computer interfacing, and experimental physics.

The Physics Program enhances students’ capacity for analysis, synthesis, and inductive and deductive reasoning. Physics students learn to plan and conduct scientific experiments and to communicate the concepts of physics in oral, written, and mathematical form. A majority of physics majors participate in collaborative research with a faculty member.

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Your Major Took You Where?

A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates



Tech Systems Columbia University (M.S., operations systems)
Edelweiss Resort and Lodge University of Louisville (Ph.D., electrical engineering)
University of Rochester (Ph.D., physics & astronomy)
University of Kentucky (B.S., mechanical engineering)