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Students get first-hand view of Congress through BCHS-Centre projectThis article originally appeared in The Advocate-Messenger.  The Boyle County High School library sounded more like the United States Congress...
2016 Top Centre Stories: NewsAs 2016 draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at the most popular web stories this year based...
students on TV during the VP debate

The perspectives and skills acquired by students in politics classes will serve them in a wide range of career fields, including public service, law, politics, business, and journalism.

The Politics Program is designed to assist students in developing the arts of deliberation and judgment by which they may understand more fully and participate more effectively in public affairs. Analytical reasoning, effective writing, and proficiency in basic research techniques are skills cultivated and used throughout the program.

Emphasis is placed not so much on the changing details of current events, but on the philosophical, historical, and institutional nature of the persistent problems that current issues illustrate. Students can anticipate a rigorous inquiry into political philosophy, American government, comparative government, and international relations. Students are offered a diversity of non-classroom learning experiences. The Politics Program encourages independent study, internships, and off-campus academic programs.

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Your Major Took You Where?

A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates



Commission on Presidential Debates Case Western Reserve University (J.D., international law)
Senator Pat Toomey University of Cincinnati (M.B.A., business administration)
Courthouse Courier Washington & Lee School of Law (J.D., criminal law)
Americans for Tax Reform University of Louisville School of Law (J.D., human/civil rights )
Strategic Marketing, SM University of Southern California (M.A., film studies)