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Under a physician’s supervision, physician assistants (PAs) perform many tasks which are traditionally conducted by physicians, including physical exams, diagnostic tests, prescribing medications, and assisting with minor surgery.

PAs work in all areas of medicine (e.g., pediatrics, internal medicine, dermatology, family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology) as well as surgery and sub-specialties.

Skills and characteristics important to this profession are critical thinking, problem-solving skills, empathy, ability to work quickly and make good decisions under pressure, excellent time management skills, the ability to work with a team of caregivers, effective interpersonal communication, and the willingness to invest in continued education as healthcare methodology and technology changes.

Pre-physician assistant students should consult with faculty advisor Professor January Haile.

Visit the Health Professions Advising website for more information.

Suggested Courses for Pre-Physician Assistant Students

ANT 110 • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
BIO 110 • Evolution, Biodiversity, Ecology
BIO 225 • Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 230 • Vertebrate Nurtrition
BIO 325 • Vertebrate Morphology
BIO 335 • Developmental Biology
BIO 340 • Microbiology
BIO 351 • Laboratory in Human Physiology
CHE 131 • General Chemistry I
CHE 132 • General Chemistry II
CHE 241 • Organic Chemistry I
MAT 130 • Introduction to Statistics
PSY 110 • Introduction to Psychology
PSY 380 • Life-Span Developmental Psychology
SOC 110 • Introduction to Sociology