Current and Former Scholars

John C. Young Scholars and Projects

Current Scholars and Projects


(Faculty mentors are listed in parentheses.)

• Cameron Beach, South Carolina and the Confederate Flag: The Untold Story of the Legislative Process to Permanently Remove the Flag — (Tara Strauch)
• Vrinda Desai, Improving Forensic Analysis of Blood Spatter Through Fluid Dynamics — (Bruce Rodenborn)
• Jessica Haralu, Gender Dynamics in Mozart/Da Ponte Operas — (Nathan Link)
• Brendan Holly, What Do We Want? Ideological Differences in the Environmental Movement — (Kaelyn Wiles)
• Emily McGlone, Effects of Electrotherapy on the Aggregation Pattern of Amyloid-ß: A Potential Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease — (Kerry Paumi)
• Amaryst Parks, Engaging the Community: The Marriage Between Social Justice and Community Engagement — (Andrea Abrams)
• Elizabeth K. Williams, Rape and Suicide in Medieval Law and Literature: The Case of Chaucer — (Mark Rasmussen)

Former Scholars and Projects

(Faculty mentors are listed in parentheses.)


• Valentine Banor, White Artists in Hip-Hop: Emulation, Appreciation, or Appropriation? — (Nathan Link)
• Kirsten Giesbrecht, Mathematically Modeling Splenic Artery Aneurism Formation — (Ellen Swanson)
• Michael Hart, Determination of the Inhibitory Effects of Antibodies on Amyloid-ß Aggregation in Alzheimer’s Disease — (Kerry Paumi)
• Alexandra Hibbs, Mevlevi Sufism in America: Contemporary Applications of Islamic Discourse and Spirituality — (Matthew Pierce)
• Courtney Lucas, Welcome to Pikeville: Exploring Local Color Through Literary Analysis and Creative Writing — (Azita Osanloo)
• Sadhvika Reddy, The Exoticized Woman: The Commodification of Other-ized Women in Visual Culture — (Amy Frederick)
• Genda Zhao, Ethnographic Investigation on the Manchu Ethnic Minority in the Age of Growing Urbanization in China — (Kaelyn Wiles)


• Jeanie Corbitt, Reinterpretations of the Sacred: Analyzing the Role of Religious Texts in a Muslim Community’s Radical Stance on Gender and Sexuality — (Matthew Pierce)
• J.P. Deering, Cormac McCarthy’s Southern Blood: Analyzing McCarthy’s Work in the Context of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor — (Stacey Peebles)
• Jillian Frost, How Do Per-Pupil Expenditures Affect Student Achievement Outcomes?: A Policy Impact Analysis — (Brett Werner)
• Chang He, The Special Economic Zones and Convergence in the People’s Republic of China — (Ravi Radhakrishnan)
• Qinpu He, Brain Computer Interface: Controlling Machines Using Minds — (Christine Shannon)
• Matthew Hughes, The History and Evolution of the Material Culture of Holy Land Pilgrims — (Phyllis Passariello)
• Mikayla Paolini, Justice for Single Mothers: Applying an Interdisciplinary Framework to Cases of Child Maltreatment — (Stephen Dove, Eva Cadavid)
• Olivia B. Weber, Quilting a Story: An Exploration of the Combined History of Traditional Quilt Making and the Methodist Faith in Appalachia — (Jay Bloom)


Journal Papers (PDF)
• Justin Allard, Deconstructing Borders: Merging Mexican and Kentuckian Cultural Narratives through Fabulism — (Christian Moody)
• Camile Baylis, War Tourism and the Reconstruction of Identity in the Channel Islands — (Phyllis Passariello)
• Zachary Brown, Influence of Jaw Muscle Growth on Neuronal Development in Spadefoot Tadpole — (Steve Asmus)
• Nathaniel Deaton, The Village Unearthed: New Perspectives of the Roman Economy and the Man from Nazareth — (Tom McCollough)
• Victoria DiMartile, An Anthropological Analysis of Identity Construction through Performance Poetry — (Andrea Abrams & Lisa Williams)
• Emily Madden, Design, Synthesis, and Screening of Potential Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics — (Kerry Paumi)
• Claire Phillips, Blaming the Victim: Rape Culture and the Sexualization of Rape — (Beau Weston)


Journal Papers (PDF)
• Tony Huffman, A Tale of Two Districts: A Comparative Analysis of the Highest and Lowest Performing Public School Districts in Eastern Kentucky — (Sarah Murray and J.H. Atkins)

• Danika Isdahl, The Gothic Tales of Louisville: Writing the Stories of Louisville in the Gothic Genre — (Christian Moody)

• Warren McKnight, Phenomenology and the Self-Attribution of Gender — (Eva Cadavid)

• Stephen Metcalfe, On the Search for Meaning: An Analysis of Major Themes in Spiritual Memoirs and Autobiographies — (Lee Jefferson)

• Bailey Nelson, Conservation Genetics of Eastern Pterospera — (Matthew Klooster)

• Olivia Palmer, Crafting the Self: A Dramaturgical Analysis of Identity Performance on Facebook — (Patrick Kagan-Moore)


• Ben Boone, MurA: Production, Purification, and Characterization of Antibiotic Potential (PDF) — (January Haile)

• Haley Crigger, Throw Away the Book: A Psychological Survey of Life and Literature through Poetry (PDF) — (Lisa Williams)

• Kaitlyn Elizabeth Lee, An Analysis of Regional Dialects: Owensboro, KY and Evansville, IN (PDF) — (Phyllis Bellver)

• Nathan Likert, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: The Oxymoron in Romantic Literature — (John Kinkade)

• Cara Monical, Computer Science Genetic Coloring of Dynamic Graphs (PDF) — (Forrest Stonedahl)

• Natalie Orms, A Computational and Synthetic Investigation of Potential Inhibitors of the MurA Enzyme (PDF)
— (Jennifer Muzyka)
• Kate Wintuska, An Evaluation of the Administration of Non-Educational Services in Kentucky Schools (PDF) — (Sarah Murray)


Journal Papers (PDF)

• Kara Beer, Exploring Qualitative Ethnography: Student Narratives of Study Abroad Experiences — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Trish Bredar, The Female Protagonist and the Journey Motif in the Early Novel — (Helen Emmitt and John Kinkade)

• James Kalb, Philip K. Dick’s Journey from Perceptual Skepticism to Theological Uncertainty — (Dan Manheim and Nathan Link)

• Brian Klosterboer, ‘Difficult to Repair’: Applying African Models for Transitional Justice to Peace and Restoration Prospects in the Congo-DR — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Kelsey Lownds, If You’re Happy and You Know It: Understanding the Relationship Between Music Production and Emotion in 3rd-5th Graders — (Larry Bitensky and Mykol Hamilton)

• Evis Muhameti, In-Depth Interviews with Juvenile Offenders Participating in At-Risk Youth Program — (Sarah Goodrum)


• Benjamin Thomas Cocanougher, Developmental Origin and Function of Tyrosine Hydroxylase-Producing Interneurons in the Human Cerebral Cortex — (Steve Asmus)

• Emily Jordan Gregory, Parent-Offspring Kin Recognition in Japanese Quail: The Role of Parental Care — (Melissa Burns-Cusato)

• Maria Elizabeth Kennedy, The Winning Plan and the Iron-Jawed Angels — (Brianna Leavitt-Alcantara)

• Morgan Perryman Lynn, Best Methods: Assessing the Impact of Microfinance Projects and Programs — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Elisabeth Louise Randall, Perhaps in Lesbos’: Lesbian Identity and Novelistic Production in Inter-War France and England — (Helen Emmitt)

• Rachel Elizabeth Skaggs, Livin’ the Dream: Nashville Songwriter Culture in Film — (Beau Weston)

• Samuel Ryan Yates, From Page to Stage: Adapting Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Haunted’ — (Patrick Kagan-Moore)


• Zach Bechtel, Evaluation of Nest Bond in Ring Neck Dove through Conditional Place Preference Using Hormonal Injection — (Melissa Burns-Cusato)

• Victoria Christine Crowell, An den Mann Bringen: The Construction of an Ideal Nazi Masculinity — (Steve Beaudoin)

• Evan Kutzler, Tennessee Prepares for Defeat: Governor Harris, Mobilization and the Collapse of Tennessee — (Rick Bradshaw)

• Joseph Glenn McGill, Music as Narrative Voice in Lost — (Nathan Link)

• Bethany Neal, ‘Quarrelsome, Rowdy, Drunken, Brawling, Chicken-Stealing Papists’: 19th Century Irish Immigration and the Rejection of the Irish-American Identity — (Clarence Wyatt)

• Morgan Smith, From al-Quran to Al-Gebra — (Tom McCollough)

• Sami Jiryis Sweis, Dismantling the Tent: British Colonialism and the Tribes of Transjordan, 1920-1946 — (Mike Hamm)


• Sarah Baird, Appalachian Folk Medicine from Mineshaft to Mountaintop — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Dan Burkey, MultiMedea: Retelling an Ancient Story in Digital Film — (Patrick Kagan-Moore)

• Talha Ijaz, Characterization of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Interneurons in the Developing Cerebral Cortex of Rats — (Steve Asmus)

• Jillian Kenyon, Women and Offender Re-entry Programs — (Sarah Goodrum)

• Molly Lindle, Elucidation of the Role of Atmospheric Particulates in the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases — (Keith Dunn)

• Virginia Reynolds, Unraveling the Fabric of Fortune: Textiles in Virginia during the American Civil War, 1861-1865 — (Clarence Wyatt)

• Qianyu Yang, An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Housing Market — (Dave Anderson)


• Kerri Howard, Here and There: The Interaction of Class and Acculturative Processes in Central Kentucky Hispanic Immigrants — (Beau Weston)

• Anne Maggard, The Things that Remain: A Poetic Triptych of Art, Nature, and Culture — (Lisa Williams)

• Joshua Qualls, Plasma Particle Accelerators: A Study on the Progress of Plasma and Laser Wakefield Accelerators — (Andre Wehner)

• Will Rall, Blood and the Book: The German Christians’ Attack on the Old Testament — (David Hall)

• Mandy Smith, Persistence Barcodes and Learning Algorithms for Digits — (Anne Collins)

• Candice Steiner, Taking the Hula to Heart: A Study of Hawaiian Music in Light of the Western World — (Larry Bitensky and Nathan Link)


• Miles Barger, The History and Mystery of Contemporary Electronic Music — (Larry Bitensky)

• Ben Durham, Choral Music in Kentucky’s Public High Schools — (Barbara Hall)

• Mary C. Morgan, Bali: The Anthropology of the Exotic and the Exotification of Anthropology — (Gareth Barkin)

• Brandon Stephenson, Ideals of Kingship in Fifteenth-Century England: Political Reality and Literary Invention — (Mark Rasmussen and Amos Tubb)

• Joseph C. Yeager, A Spectroscopic Study of Carbon Monoxide on a Thin-film Salt Surface — (Keith Dunn)


• Mark Ball, Investigation into the Mechanism of Neurotransmitter Selection in the Developing Rat Cerebral Cortex — (Steve Asmus)

• Jeff Briggs, The Science and Economics of Nuclear Fusion — (Dave Anderson and Andre Wehner)

• Nathan French, A Look into Terror: The Evolution and Application of Al-Qaeda’s Jihad — (David Hall)

• Kristie Kachler, Orange Peel in Snow — (Lisa Williams)

• Matt Steinfeld, Cologne, Stockings, and Ice Cream: Consumerism and the Soviet Union — (Mike Hamm)

• Ellen Wisner, An Examination of the Hybrid Zone Between the Crayfish Species Orconectes Juvenilis and Orconectes Cristavarius — (Rob Ziemba)


• Jared A. Outright, The Potential for Long-Te[m Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait — (Mike Hamm)

• Ashley Kingsolver, Thomas Jefferson: An American Heretic — (David Hall)

• Robert P. Murray, Post-War Kentucky: Civil War and Vietnam — (Larry Matheny)

• Jamie Ray, Zionist Discursive Practices — (Nayef Samhat)

• Ryan Steed, Changes in Neurotransmitter Expression during Rat Brain Development — (Steve Asmus)

• Karen Wicke, Irish Traditional Music and Socio-Political Consciousness — (Larry Bitensky)

• Jenn Wolford, Virginia Woolf: A Shift from Androgyny to Anonymity in the Artist Figure — (Helen Emmitt)


• Lauren Crosby, Neoliberalism, the IMF, and Cameroon — (Rick Bradshaw)

• Sarah Hermann, Portrayals of Childhood in Northern Irish Poetry — (Helen Emmitt)

• Zach Hoy, Oxidative Destruction of Phthalate Esters — (Joe Workman)

• Meghan Langley, Land Use and Water Quality in the Kentucky River Drainage Basin — (Endre Nyerges and Rob Ziemba)

• Angela Ratliff, Successes and Failures of Mexican Development: A Case Study of Yucatan — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Sherri Rose, Translation of Voleur des Guirlandes — (Ken Keffer)


• Eva Bookjans, Saturated Laser Spectroscopy — (Marshall Wilt)

• Susan Courtwright, Written in Stone? The Impact of Sharia Law on the Rights of Women in Nigeria — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Katherine Fegley, Stable Democratic Reform in Kuwait — (Nayef Samhat)

• Neil Parrish, Sir Gareth of Orkney: The Key to Arthur’s Kingdom — (Mark Rasmussen)

• Brandi Stearns, Transcendental Convergences: Emerson’s Influence Upon Whitman — (Mark Lucas)


• Michael Dennis, Effects of Species Interactions on Reproductive Behavior and Success — (Chris Barton)

• Kent Barnett, The Sincerest Form of Flattery: The Historic, Philosophic, Social, and Market Implications of Major 20th-Century Art Forgeries — (Bill Levin)

• Matt Wilson, Paragon or Monster: Images of Powerful Women in Ancient Rome — (Jane Joyce)

• Stephanie Rednour, An Applied Simulation of Quantum Cryptography and an Examination of a Component of a Quantum Cryptography Apparatus — (Marshall Wilt and Phil Lockett)

• Les Fugate, Centre of Attention: An Economic Impact Study of the 2000 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College — (David Anderson)

• Thomas Hobbs, Late Roman and Byzantine Galilee: From Archaeology to Social Arrangement — (Tom McCollough)

• Kate Lacy, A Critical Edition of Grace Norton’s Letters to Lucy Paton (1905-1925) — (Ken Keffer)

• Erin Slinker, Last Stand of the Lacandones: The Changing Face of a Culture — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Steve Anderson, Natural Language Abstraction of Computer Functionality — (Christine Shannon)

• Tony Hokayem — Subsidies, Stadiums, and Sports: The True Connection — (Bob Martin)


• Colleen Susan Harris, International Order and Deviant States: Reconciliation through Ideological Discipline and Avenues for Challenge — (Nayef Samhat)

• Cary Lee Hearn, The U.S. Embargo of Tourism to Cuba: Consequences and Future Possibilities — (Robert Brownlee)

• Joseph Hill, Dendrimers as Carriers for Anti-Cancer Drugs — (Joe Workman)

• Clifford R. Jenks, Experimental Games with Children — (Robert Martin)

• Lucas V. Mentzer, Mapping the Villages of Sepphoris — (Tom McCollough)

• Juliana E. Meyer, The Responses of Barbados Green Monkeys to Models of African Predators — (Brent White)

• Carrie Morgan, Pathogenicity on Soybeans and Pectin-Degrading Enzyme Activity in Fusarium Solani — (Peggy Richey)

• Jeremy Reed, Genetic Algorithms and the Stock Market — (David Binger)

• Brandi Rollins, Comparative Analysis of Women’s Prisons in Ecuador and the United States — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Kevin Wood, Transient Expression of Catecolamines During Development — (Steve Asmus)