RICE Poster Templates

students at poster

The Centre RICE Symposium includes a poster session with 20-100 presenters standing in front of their professionally printed posters and talking about their work to conference attendees.

RICE Symposium Poster Templates

To create a poster for the RICE Symposium using PowerPoint, please download one of the templates below. You can choose either a landscape format poster or a portrait format poster.
     POSTER TEMPLATE — 36H x 44W (landscape)
     POSTER TEMPLATE — 48H x 36W (portrait)
Posters are best created in Microsoft PowerPoint and your poster should be approved by your faculty mentor before submitting your poster to Centre Document Services for printing.

What format should I submit the poster in?

Before you submit your poster, please check it on a PC computer with Microsoft PowerPoint. Some MAC users have had problems with their posters when viewed on a PC. Since CDS has a PC computer it would be best to test it on a PC to make sure there are no formatting issues. It is also recommended that when designing your poster you should use a standard font that is both PC and MAC compatible.
Posters will only be created once, so please check for spelling and gramatical errors before you submit your poster.

How do I submit a poster to Centre Document Services (CDS)?

You can submit your poster to Centre Document Services by emailing it to cds@centre.edu or by taking it to CDS on a flash drive.

When should I have my poster completed by?

All posters must be completed and submitted to Centre Document Services (CDS) by Friday — April 8, 2016 before 5 p.m.

How do I get help with designing my poster?

If you need help with designing your poster, please email Candace Wentz at candace.wentz@centre.edu in the Center for Teaching and Learning to set-up an appointment.