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Image Gallery — FAQ

What is MDID?

Here is a description from the MDID Wiki:
“The Madison Digital Image Database is an online image database and multimedia instructional system designed to create and show Internet-based lectures using digitized images.
Madison Digital Image Database 2 offers several great new features, such as the ability to add personal images (including PowerPoint images) to a slideshow, the option of sharing your personal images with other faculty users, and the option of packaging slideshows for use at conferences. All your lectures from past semesters will be available to you to teach with or modify for further use.
The system permits instructors to remotely generate ‘slideshows,’ which can be annotated, placed online for student study, or archived for testing or future use.
Though many image databases provide flexible faculty and student access to online images, those systems generally do not provide a tool through which faculty can teach and students can learn. MDID brings the digital image and data library into the teaching and learning process, in and outside the classroom.”

How are images circulated?

Slides are circulated to Centre faculty for classroom use.

A brief orientation on how to use the collection is highly recommended to new users.

How do I access equipment?

Faculty may check out laser pointers, slide carousels, and magnifying viewers (loupes) from the image library. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides help with equipment in the classrooms.
Call CTL at x5288 or visit their website.

How are images acquired?

Images are acquired through purchases from slides vendors, through copy photography, or by on-site photography (by the slide curator or faculty members). Catalogs from many image vendors are available in the slide room or on the web. (See WEB RESOURCES.) Faculty are welcome to donate photographs from their travels to be included in the on-line image library.

How do I request new images?

Digital image requests should be made three weeks in advance of anticipated use. Please check with the slide librarian to avoid duplication of materials when having images made. All work will become part of the College collection.

What about teaching new courses?

If you are creating a new course which will require large numbers of new images, please check with the slide curator the prior term. This allows time to review the existing collection and locate sources for new material.

How do I get help with a student presentation?

See the menu links (left) for advice on creating PowerPoint presentations, scanning images, and help using Photoshop.