Instructions for Students

Contact Image Curator

Ann Silver, Visual Resources Curator
Jones Visual Art Center
209 S. Beatty Avenue
Room 202
Danville, KY 40422-1394


Academic Year
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. – 12 noon


Searching the Database

There are several ways to review images in the database. One way to search is by browsing. The BROWSE link can be found on the sidebar to the left, or by clicking the ADD IMAGES link when creating a new slideshow. Either method can be used to add images to a new slideshow.


You can browse the local Centre collection or shared images (which are the shared personal images of faculty members). You can also choose which field to browse, such as CREATOR, COUNTRY, or MEDIUM.


MDID browse images


Another way to find images is through the SEARCH page. It can also be found on the sidebar to the left or under the ADD IMAGES link while creating a new slideshow. Once again, either method can be used to add new images to a slideshow.


You can choose which collections to include in your search, as well as which fields to include. Using the KEYWORD field will search for a phrase like Rome or Madonna across fields. At the bottom of the SEARCH page, you can also check for the most recently added images, if you requested something new be put into MDID2.


Remember, simple searches work best. Don’t include too many fields!


If you get no returns for your search, make sure you don’t have too many checkboxes included. You may need to use the CLEAR FORM button at the bottom of the page to get rid of your last used search terms.


MDID browse images


After clicking SEARCH at the bottom of the search form, you will be given a listing of results. Select the ones you wish to include in your slideshow by clicking the check box under the image next to the word SELECTED. Since results may span over several pages, use the arrow buttons provided to browse through the pages. Here is an example of a search for Bernini.


MDID search results

Reviewing a Faculty Lecture

To view a professor’s slideshow, go to the MDID WEBSITE and enter your username and password. Your log-in name will be “firstname.lastname”. (Don’t enter the “” part of your email address to log in.)


MDID login


Then, you will see a drop-down menu. Choose the professor whose lecture you would like to view, and then click on the appropriate title under the heading SLIDESHOW. PRINT VIEW will allow you to print thumbnail views of a lecture with identifying notes. FLASH CARDS will print index card sized images for you to study.


MDID slideshow


If you choose the SLIDESHOW view, you can quiz yourself with or without the identifying information on the left. Just click the INFO check box to hide the data. The plus and minus signs allow you to enlarge an image and the graphic squares will permit you to split the screen to compare two different images, as your professor may have done in class.


MDID lecture slide

Downloading Images

After navigating to the image desired, you can download it to your computer by clicking on the DISK ICON underneath the thumbnail.


MDID image download