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If you’ve challenged yourself in high school, chances are you’ll be prepared to meet the rigors of Centre’s academic environment.

High School Preparation

Most of our students completed high school programs with honors, advanced, AP, or IB courses.

We recommend the following as a minimum background:

• Four years of English and writing

• Four years of mathematics

• Two years of science (lab courses)

• Two or more years of one foreign language

• Two years of social studies

• Some study in the arts

Competitive applicants will have taken the most demanding courses available at their high schools.

How We Decide

In making admission decisions, we give most weight to quality of high school coursework, achievement in those courses, and teacher evaluations.

Admission Tests. We accept SAT-I or ACT. International students must submit their TOEFL scores. The minimum TOEFL score are 580 paper version, 237 computer version, or 90 Internet version.

Advanced Placement. A score of “4” or “5” on an Advanced Placement Test normally earns Centre course credit. Scores of “3” are accepted on foreign language exams. Read more about the AP Policies at Centre.

International Baccalaureate. For students who have earned this degree, we generally award credit for scores of “6” or “7” on higher level exams. Credit may be granted for scores of “5” or higher on the subsidiary or higher-level exams in foreign language.

Extracurricular Pursuits. Centre’s evaluation process places emphasis on steady involvement, leadership, and prominence of organizations and activities in which students are involved. Students should include any work experience on their application as well.

College Credit in High School

Centre’s policies in these areas are designed to reward extraordinary achievement while at the same time supporting our belief that the best Centre College experience is a four-year experience. It is our philosophy that everything a student does prior to high school graduation is preparation for college, and all Centre students enter with exceptional academic credentials. Some of those credentials include college course work and others do not.

Consequently, we limit the amount of credit first-year students can be awarded prior to their enrollment at the College:

• A maximum of 24 hours of pre-matriculation credits may be awarded to first-year students from all sources (e.g., Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual-credit, all other college credit).

• Credit will not be awarded for any course or examination completed prior to the start of the junior year in high school.

• Students who legitimately exceed the 24-hour limit may choose which credits will be awarded, and may adjust his or her choices later subject to the constraints of any other College policies.

• Regardless of credit granted, students must complete at least one general education course in residence in the following three areas: social studies, science and fundamental questions.

• Regardless of credit granted, individual major programs have the prerogative to place students in an appropriate course, to waive lower-level requirements, and to determine equivalencies to courses in their curriculum.

AP, IB, CLEP, and International Exam Credit

Advanced Placement: Centre awards a minimum of three hours of credit for scores of 4 or 5 on most Advanced Placement exams. Credit for foreign language requires validation by an institutional exam. Academic programs may award additional credit and assign course equivalencies.




American History 3 elective
Art History 3 ART 260 or 261
Art: Studio, drawing 3 elective; review of portfolio for ARS 110
Biology 4 elective
Chemistry 4 CHE 131
Computer Science 3 elective; may bypass CSC 117 with department approval
Economics: micro/macro 3 elective; ECO 110 if 4 or 5 in both
English Literature and Composition 3 elective §
Environmental Science 3 elective for 4; ENS 210 for 5
European History ‡ 3 elective
French Language/Literature 6* FRE 210, 220
German Language/Literature 6* GER 210, 220
Government/Politics: American 3 elective
Government/Politics: Comparative 3 elective
Latin: Vergil/Cat.-Horace 6* CLA 210, 220
Music Theory 3 MUS 110
Calculus AB 3 MAT 170
Calculus BC 6 MAT 170, 171 †
Physics B 4 PHY 110
Physics C 4 elective (PHY 110 if 4 or 5 in both)
Psychology 4 PSY 110
Spanish Language/Literature 6* SPA 210, 220
Statistics 3 MAT 130
World History ‡ 3 elective
* Pending validation by placement test.
† If BC grade is <4 but AB subscore is 4 or 5, student will receive 3 hours credit equivalent to MAT 170.
‡ Credit not given for both world history and European history.
§ AP credit in English does not automatically meet the expository writing basic skills requirement; nor does it fulfill any other general education requirement. It serves as elective credit only.

International Baccalaureate: Centre awards a minimum of three hours of credit for scores of 6 or 7 on higher-level exams. Credit for foreign language requires validation by an institutional exam and may be awarded for a grade of 5 on a higher-level exam. Grades of 5 in some other subjects are reviewed for credit by the appropriate program. Academic programs may award additional credit and assign course equivalencies.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP): Credit is not granted for CLEP exam scores.

International Exams: International exam scores are reviewed for credit on a case-by-case basis.

College (and Dual) Credit

Credit may be granted for appropriate courses appearing on a college transcript provided the course is taught in a classroom on a college campus, by a college instructor who is not also a high school instructor, in a class that includes college students who are not also high school students. These criteria must be verified in writing by a high school counselor or college official.