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Centre College welcomes visitors with open arms. We would love to see you on our campus.

How to Schedule a Campus Visit

You may schedule your visit online.

A campus visit should be scheduled at least 7 days in advance to allow for planning purposes. One week’s notice will give us time to arrange the details of your visit. Priority consideration for appointments is given to those who schedule early.

If registering 3 days before an event or later, students must call the Office of Admission to request their visit at 1.800.423.6236.

About the Campus Visit

Centre offers opportunities to visit campus 6 days a week (no Sunday tours). A visit usually includes a tour of campus and an information session with an admission counselor. Count on being here at least a half-day.

We recommend arriving in the early morning or early afternoon. Dress comfortably. Conversations and appointments will be informal, so you can wear what you normally wear to school. You can visit with your parents or alone, but we do, of course, encourage parents to come for the visit.

Tours are generally led by the Centre Colonel Corps, a trained group of volunteer student guides. Additional appointments may also be available. Let us know when you want to come and what you’d like to do while you’re here. We’ll prepare an itinerary tailored to your specific requests.

Winter/Spring 2015 Admission Events

Join us for any of our on-campus admission events. Tour campus, put our students and faculty to the test in a candid Q & A panel session, then discover what selective colleges really look for when reviewing your application. Seniors can augment any open house event with an overnight preview.

Diversity Leadership Open House Weekend – Saturday, Feb 14 – Sunday, Feb 15 (Arrive 1:00 pm EST)

Students representing diverse racial, ethnic, religious, LGBT, and socio-economic backgrounds will attend a weekend of workshops, activities, and performances. Students applying for a New Horizons Scholarship are strongly encouraged to attend.

Overnight Preview – Friday, March 6 (arrive at 5:00 pm EST)

Experience campus first-hand with other prospective students as you attend a game, see a performance, or take part in a study session (and some study breaks). Space is strictly limited and available to high school seniors on a first-come, first-served basis.

Admitted Student Overnight Preview – Friday, April 17 (arrive at 5:00 pm EST)

Experience campus first-hand with other prospective students as you attend a game, see a performance, or take part in a study session (and some study breaks). Space is strictly limited and available to high school seniors on a first-come, first-served basis.

Centre of Attention Day – Saturday, April 18 (1:00 – 4:00pm EST)

Attend faculty-led seminars, special interest tours of campus, and social life roundtables with current Centre students. Registration open to admitted students only.

Centre College Search Kickstart Open House – Sunday, May 3 (12pm-4:30pm EST)

Attend unique sessions specifically designed to introduce families to everything they need to know about Centre and the college selection process.

Campus Visit FAQ

Q. How do I set up a campus visit?
A. Please register using our online scheduler.

Q. Do you need advance notice to plan my visit?
A. Yes, having at least a 7 day notice is great. This allows us the time needed to plan accordingly for the appointments you’ve requested.

Q. May I bring a friend with me?
A. Sure. But please let us know at least 7 days in advance so we can offer him/her the same individualized attention we’ve provided you. Due to limited space, an unannounced guest may not be able to participate in all the activities we’ve scheduled for you.

Q. How do I set up an overnight visit?
A. There are several overnight events offered to prospective students in the fall and admitted students in the spring. Limited space is available so please plan ahead and get registered Due to limited availability, prospective students may attend no more than one overnight preview event.

Q. Can a family member stay overnight with me on campus?
A. Unfortunately, no. The overnight experience is for the prospective students only. This section of the Parent Handbook offers a complete directory of area hotel and bed & breakfast options.

Q. Can guests, such as my parents, sit in on a class with me?
A. No. Due to the size of Centre’s classrooms, only prospective students who have been scheduled to sit in on a class may attend. Family members and other guests may wish to use the down time to wander campus, downtown, or stop by the Everyday Café for a drink and a rest.

Q. Is a personal interview required?
A. No, it’s not required. You may or may not have a one-on-one meeting with an admission counselor while visiting due to the volume of visitors the day of your visit. We try our best to make a personal meeting happen but can’t guarantee it. If visiting on a busy day it may be a group session.

Q. What happens if I want to change my schedule around the day of my visit?
A. Schedules are planned before you arrive on campus. Asking to change your appointments around the day of your visit may be difficult, especially classes and/or meetings with professors, coaches, and admission counselors. We have to work around their calendars and they may not be able to confirm last minute changes.

Q. Should I expect my schedule before I arrive on campus?
A. No. We will acknowledge the appointments you’ve requested in the confirmation letter you receive before your arrival. The actual schedule, however, isn’t available until the day of your visit. Faculty will often change or cancel classes at the last minute. Because of this we need to make sure you receive the most up-to-date itinerary by confirming your appointments and having you all set when you arrive.

Q. What happens if I need to leave campus before my visit is complete?
A. It’s not a problem if you need to leave early. Just let our Welcome Centre Coordinator know of your early departure so any scheduled appointments can be cancelled.

Q. What do I wear on my visit?
A. The attire should be comfortable. Please remember to dress according to the weather.

Q. Will I get to see a dorm room while I’m visiting campus?
A. We always try our best to get you in a dorm room while on tour. One may or may not be available at the time of your visit since we use rooms occupied by current students for an authentic representation of residence life.

Q. Where do I park?
A. There is a visitor parking lot on the Main Street side of Old Centre, which is where our Welcome Centre is located. Feel free to also use any of our visitor parking lots that you see on the campus map.

Q. Do I need a parking pass?
A. No parking pass is needed. Park anywhere.

Q. Should I arrive early for my visit?
A. Yes, plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early. This allows the time needed for check-in and keeps you on schedule for your appointments.

Q. Can I bring my cellphone?
A. You may bring your cellphone but please remember to keep it off during any classroom visits, admission meetings, and the campus tour. Talking or texting is distracting for other students visitors and is considered disrespectful to tour guides and professors.