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Alongside a generous need-based financial aid program, Centre offers merit-based scholarships based on academic achievement, extracurricular accomplishment, and personal character.

Centre is committed to recognizing talented students with a variety of scholarships. Scholarships are available in three categories: general merit scholarships, premier scholarships, and special scholarships. Please see specific web pages for additional information about our various scholarship opportunities.

General Merit Scholarships

All students who apply for admission by January 15 are automatically considered for these merit scholarships. These renewable four-year merit scholarships range from $5,000 to $25,000 each year.

Typically, about 50 percent of the students in our applicant pool will receive a general merit scholarship. Scholarship decisions are based on a comprehensive review of each application, keeping in mind the context of the overall applicant pool.

• Faculty Scholarship $25,000
• Colonel Scholarship $23,000
• Founders Scholarship $21,000
• Centre Award $18,000
• Alumni Award $5,000

NOTIFICATION: Students who are awarded a general merit scholarship will be notified of their award at the time they receive an admission decision. Admission decisions and general merit scholarship awards are mailed in the same packet.

Premier Scholarships

Our most competitive scholarship programs recognize exceptional students. See program web pages for details and application procedures for each of these programs. A separate online application is required for consideration. We welcome nominations for our premier scholarship programs, although a nomination is not required for consideration.

• Brown Fellows Program, full-cost-plus
• Grissom Scholars Program, full-tuition-plus
• Lincoln Scholars Program, full-cost-plus

Special Scholarships

These scholarships recognize a special area of talent or interest. Students must submit an additional application, essay, or audition to be eligible. Performing Arts and Language scholarships are the only Centre scholarships which may combine with other general merit scholarships.

• Bonner Scholars Program, $25,000 (service and leadership)
• Language Scholarship, $2,500 – $5,000
• New Horizons Scholarship, $25,000 (diversity leadership)
• Performing Arts Scholarship, $3,000 – $5,000

Scholarship Nomination Form

High school counselors, community-based organization liaisons, core course academic teachers, employers, independent college counselors, and Centre alumni are invited to nominate a qualified student for premier and special scholarships. Nominations allow us to identify potential scholarship recipients, and are encouraged. Submit our Scholarship Nomination Form to nominate a student for one of Centre’s scholarships.

Nominate a student for a MERIT SCHOLARSHIP:

Nomination Form


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The GPA requirements to maintain current scholarships are shown below:
• Brown Fellows Scholarship & Lincoln Scholars Program – 3.2 GPA (unweighted)
• Grissom Scholars Program – 2.67 GPA
• Faculty Scholarship – 2.8 GPA
• Colonel Scholarship – 2.5 GPA
• Founders Scholarship – 2.25 GPA
• Centre Award – 2.0 GPA
• New Horizons Scholarship – 2.0 GPA
• Alumni Award – 2.0 GPA

GSP/GSA/GSE Scholarship Guarantee

Centre also recognizes Kentucky students who are alumni of either the Governor’s Scholars Program, the Governor’s School for the Arts, or the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs with a special scholarship guarantee. Students who successfully complete these programs and meet the following criteria automatically receive the Founders Scholarship ($21,000 per year). The GSA/GSP/GSE guarantee is reserved for students who have: 1) been admitted to the College, 2) GPA of 3.5 or higher (core academic courses only), 3) Top 10% of their class (if school ranks), 4) ACT composite of 28 or higher or an equivalent SAT score. This is only a minimum scholarship level, and students may be eligible for a more valuable scholarship based on specific qualifications. If a student is awarded a more valuable general merit scholarship, it will replace (not “stack” onto) the $21,000 Founder’s Scholarship.

Centre Fellows Guarantee

A student accepted as a Centre Fellow who is admitted to the College will automatically receive the Founders Scholarship ($21,000 per year). A Centre Fellow will be considered for more valuable general merit scholarships. Centre Fellows are nominated by their high school guidance/college counselor in Spring of junior year, and the nomination must be approved by the Office of Admission. If a student is awarded a more valuable general merit scholarship, it will replace (not “stack” onto) the $21,000 Founder’s Scholarship.