Government Jobs


How to Apply for Federal Employment: For information on the federal application process, check out the resources in the Career Library (located in Old Carnegie). For more information visit the Call To Serve web site. Also check out CareerOneStop for help in identifying the specific KSAs needed for numerous federal jobs.

AmeriCorps. Your chance to work in service to your community.

Central Intelligence Agency. Employment opportunities with the CIA.

DC and Political Job Resources. A Google doc dedicated to resources related to the job search in Washington, DC and political jobs.

Federal Bureau of Investigation. Information on becoming a Special Agent and other employment opportunities with the FBI.

Federal Government Jobs. Locate federal government jobs by job title, government agency, or geographic location.

Federal Jobs Digest. Search for federal job openings nationwide.

Making The Difference. Search for a wide array of jobs within the federal government.

Military Career Guide Online. Locate careers in the military.

Partnership for Public Service. Features federal government jobs in a wide array of career fields (updated weekly).

Peace Corps. Join the Peace Corps, “the toughest job you’ll ever love.”

Roll Call Jobs. Database of Capitol Hill employment.

The Hill. Employment opportunities with the U.S. Congress (click “Employment” on the left).

The Leadership Institute. Free and confidential employment placement service for jobs and internships in public policy.

USA Jobs. Official federal government web site for job postings. (THE site for government jobs.)

U.S. Department of State. Work in Foreign Service or Civil Service in Washington, DC or overseas.

U.S. House of Representatives. Employment opportunities with the U.S. House of Representatives.

U.S. Senate. Employment opportunities with the U.S. Senate.

State and Local

Commonwealth of Kentucky Personnel Cabinet. Find opportunities throughout the Kentucky government.

State and Local Government on the Net. Nationwide state and local government links.

Think Tanks and Non-Government Organizations

International Non-Governmental Organizations. Huge listing of international NGOs.

National Institute for Research Advancement (USA). List of think tanks and other policy research institutions in the U.S.

National Institute for Research Advancement (Abroad). Lists of think tanks and other policy research institutions in over 90 different countries. Alphabetical listing of think tanks and NGOs.