Jobs by Region


Atlanta Business Chronicle. Vast array of opportunities in the Atlanta area. Find jobs in Georgia. Georgia’s official public school recruitment web site.

Illinois Links to Chicago-based job search sites based on career field.

The Chicago Reader. Covers several industries (updated each Thursday). Find hundreds of jobs in Illinois in a variety of career fields.


Indianapolis CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Indianapolis in a variety of career fields. Search for a variety of positions throughout Indiana.

Indianapolis Careers Online. Locate jobs in Indianapolis.


BlueGrass Works. Searchable jobs database for full-time, summer and internships in Lexington and surrounding areas.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Personnel Cabinet. Find opportunities throughout the Kentucky government. Locate jobs throughout Kentucky by city and/or career field. Internships and housing information for Owensboro, KY.

Help Wanted Lexington. Search site for positions throughout Lexington.

Help Wanted Louisville. Search site for positions throughout Louisville.

Kentucky Department of Education. Find education positions in Kentucky.

Kentucky Job Network. Search for positions throughout Kentucky by city or career field.

Louisville CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Louisville in a variety of career fields. Searchable jobs database for positions in and around Louisville.

Nation Jobs: Kentucky Jobs Site. Search for a variety of positions across Kentucky (you can also register to have specific job information e-mailed free of charge).

Northern Kentucky Area Job Bank. Comprehensive information on companies and positions in the Northern Kentucky area.

University of Kentucky Jobs. Numerous positions are available in a wide range of areas. You must first submit a resume or application and a consent form to apply. Then self-nominate for each position in which you are interested.

Michigan Search for jobs in over 60 cities in Michigan.

Detroit CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Detroit in a variety of career fields.

Pure Michigan Talent Connect. Find employment opportunities throughout Michigan (search by county or the entire state).

New York Locate jobs in a huge variety of categories throughout the state of New York (click on Job Search at the top and you will not need to register). Search for jobs throughout New York.

The New York Times: Job Market. Must sign up (free) to search for jobs.

North Carolina

North Carolina Job Network. Search for positions in Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem.

The NC Job Source. Links to government jobs and private employers throughout the state.

The Research Triangle Park. Links to the employment pages of all the companies in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.


Cincinnati CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Cincinnati in a variety of career fields.

Cleveland CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Cleveland and Akron in a variety of career fields.

Columbus CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Columbus in a variety of career fields.

Greater Cincinnati. Locate jobs in Cincinnati or visit the virtual job fair.

Toledo CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Toledo in a variety of career fields.

South Carolina

South Carolina Information Highway. The most comprehensive directory of South Carolina employment information on the Internet. Includes more than 500 links to SC employer web pages.

SC Works Online Services. Find jobs in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and more.


Knoxville Jobs. Search for a variety of positions in Knoxville, TN.

NashvilleCareerLink. Searchable jobs database sponsored by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. Locate employment opportunities throughout the state.

Texas Locate jobs in the Austin area.

Dallas CareerBoard. Search for jobs in Dallas in a variety of career fields. Locate jobs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Find positions in a variety of career fields in and around Houston. (Be sure to click job search not job seekers if you do not wish to register.) Search for a variety of positions in Houston. (Houston Jobs). Locate jobs in the Houston area.

Mission Capital. Non-profit jobs in Austin and Central Texas.

Texas Online Jobs. Locate employment opportunities across the state.

Work In Texas. Sponsored by the Texan Workforce Commission. Lots of jobs throughout Texas and with the Texas state government.


Seattle Personnel Department. Locate jobs with the City of Seattle. Find positions throughout Seattle in a variety of career fields.

Washington State Careers. Links to state agencies hiring in a variety of fields in Washington State.

Washington, D.C.

Government Jobs.  Find jobs in all sectors of government. Find jobs in Washington, D.C. in a wide variety of career fields. Search for a variety of jobs throughout Washington, D.C. (hosted by The Washington Post).

Washington Network Group. Search for positions in business, finance, foreign and government affairs.