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The Center for Career & Professional Development has a wealth of resources for helping you find out what kinds of jobs are out there and what you can do with your major and your interests.


Try some of these self-assessments, which can help you understand what your talents and interests are and how they can be applied to specific career fields.


The YouScience assessment creates a unique profile for each user across 14 aptitudes or natural abilities most important to career and educational choice. You must meet with your career counselor to receive access to the assessment. Once completed, you will then meet with your career counselor to review and interpret your results.

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)

This indicator helps you understand how you relate to other people, make decisions, and solve problems, all of which are helpful in determining the career path that’s best for you. The MBTI is completed online, using access information provided by your career counselor. Once completed, you will then meet with your career counselor to interpret your results and relate them to career decisions.

Strong Interest Inventory

Assesses your work-related interests and coverts them into one of six career categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The Strong is completed online, using access information provided by your career counselor. Once completed, you will then meet with your career counselor to review and interpret your results.

SkillScan Card Sort

SkillScan Card Sort helps you identify your natural strengths and key transferable skills for use in your career development. It will help you identify occupations that use your desired skills, determine which skills you would like to acquire or further develop, understand how your skills are important to employers, and describe your skills to an employer both on your resume and in an interview.

You can also browse our Career Library during weekly office hours—it contains over 400 books about different careers and majors. Books are available for one-week checkout.

Major Information

Use the links below to learn more about the career options available for your major.

What Can I Do with This Major?
Real Jobs for Real Majors

Career Information

Below are a variety of resources for various career fields. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us for further help.

General Information

• Occupational Outlook Handbook – research careers and employment projections

• Becomopedia.com – information on how to “become” a wide array of occupations (grouped by career field)

• CampusCareerCenter.com – information on job searching, networking, and more

• College Journal (from the Wall Street Journal) – explore career/industry information and trends

• Find How – information on a variety of careers and occupations from trusted sources. (Click on CATEGORIES for complete list.)

• MonsterTrak: Career Guide – career planning information covering lots of varied topics

• O*Net On-line – research careers and employment projections; select skills and generate list of potential careers

• Schools In The USA: Career Profiles – information on over 1000 different careers, including skills needed, job duties, average salaries, and job outlooK

• The Princeton Review – search career profiles and get information on careers related to your major

• Vault – information and career preparation tips on hundreds of industries

• WetFeet.com – research various industry and company profiles. (You must register but registration is free.)


• Advertising Educational Foundation – all you ever wanted to know about a career in advertising

Anthropology and Sociology

• American Anthropological Association – information on career paths for anthropology majors

• American Sociological Association – information on careers in sociology and job prospects for those with a BA in sociology

• An Essay on Careers: Anthropology – information and case study videos on careers in forensic and cultural anthropology, and anthropologists working in economic and social development and in the corporate world


• The Art Career Project – information on a huge array of art and art-related careers

• Best Art Schools & Colleges – information on specific art focuses, a search tool to find art schools, and typical timelines for art degrees at various education levels

Business and Consulting

• Business and Finance Career Resources – huge list of business-related occupations with accompanying career information

• Careers in Consulting – View the Careers in Consulting presentation by Rob Alford ’96. Includes information on the different types of consulting careers, case interviewing, typical assignments for both entry-level employees and managers, and more. (Requires QuickTime)

• Careers-in-Business – information on a wide array of business careers including accounting, finance, marketing, and more

• National Association for Business Economics – information on careers in business economics


• Centre College Education Program FAQs – frequently asked questions about Education at Centre College

• Education Professional Standards Board – information about how to become certified to teach in Kentucky

• NCATE – information about reciprocity and acceptance of teacher certificates

• Teacher.org – information about careers in education, including education and state requirements and other resources


• EnvironmentalScience.org – information about careers in environmental science, including sustainability, environmental policy and planning, agricultural and forestry, and public health


• Financial Services Professionals: A Rewarding Profession – in-depth report, done by Monster.com, which explores careers in finance along with the trends, motivation and skills that drive the financial services field

• Investopedia: Financial Careers – information on what it takes to get a career in finance and a wide variety of financial careers


• Career OneStop – Want a career with the federal government? Match both your interests and skills to an exhaustive list of federal career opportunities.

• Federal Careers – information on federal government careers in areas such as art, biology, business, communications, computers/IT, environmental issues, foreign language, international relations, law, medicine, science, and more

Health and Medicine

• Careers in Medicine – all you need to know about careers in medicine from the American Medical Association

• Careers in Public Health – comprehensive information about a wide range of careers in public health

• Centre College Health Professions – information for students interested in medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy, optometry, or physicians assistant schools after Centre. Contains resources, calendars, and information on advisors and program alumni.

• Doctorly.org – a resource that offers students help in planning for their future when pursuing a medical degree.

• Health and Medical Career Center – information on a huge array of careers in the health profession

• Health Information Careers – information on career and credential paths for the health information field

• Health Management Careers – make a difference…discover a career in healthcare management

• Public Health Online – a guide to public health careers

• Therapy Jobs Zone – information on careers in a wide array of therapy fields: physical, occupational, recreational, speech, respiratory, and art

• Top Nursing – information on nursing careers, including nursing program information and information by state

• Top Occupational Therapy – information on occupational therapy careers, including OT program information and information by state


• American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works – information on careers in historic conservation


• Careers in Languages – gives overviews of multiple professions in languages plus tips on preparing for these careers


• American Bar Association – read profiles of lawyers in every different field of law

• How to Become a Police Officer – information about careers in the police force

• Legal Professional Development Center – find out if the legal profession is right for you and get information on becoming a lawyer and making it through the first several years


• American Mathematical Society – profiles of recent grads in entry-level jobs in numerous career fields related to and using math

• Be An Actuary – information for college students and career changers on the field, finding an internship and a job

• Centre College Math Department – visit this website to see what Centre College mathematics majors have done


• Music School Central – information on more than 70 careers related to music


• American Planning Association – information on careers in urban and city/regional planning

• Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning – information on careers in urban planning


• American Psychological Association – provides definitions of and information on all of the specialties in the field of psychology

• Careers in Psychology – information on a huge list of occupations in the field of psychology, broken into four categories: psychologists, counselors, therapists, and social workers

• The College Student’s Guide to Pre-Professional Psychology Opportunities – information about how to prepare for a career in psychology

• Careers in Psychology Career Chat – The Centre for Career & Professional Development hosted a Career Chat on November 10, 2015 with professionals in the psychology field.

Publishing and Journalism

• American Society of Newspaper Editors – information on the types of journalism careers and how best to prepare for them

• BookJobs.com – information on the types of publishing and company profiles for each type

• Careers in Publishing Career Chat – The Centre for Career & Professional Development hosted a Career Chat on October 13, 2015 with professionals in the publishing field.

Public Relations

• Public Relations Student Society of America – information on careers in PR and skills needed for success in the field


• American Academy of Forensic Science – information on multiple careers in the forensic science field

• American Institute of Biological Sciences – information on careers in the biological sciences

• American Society for Microbiology – information on the different types of careers available in the field of microbiology

• Careers in Botany – sponsored by The Botany Society of America

• Chemistry Careers (from the American Chemical Society) – career information and profiles on a wide array of chemistry careers

• U.S. Department of Energy – information on a wide array of energy careers, including those in solar and renewable energy