Academic Credit Internships

Academic-credit internships require the supervision of a faculty member and an on-site supervisor, combining a substantive academic component with a significant career-related component in order to serve as a bridge between the liberal arts education received at Centre and workplace expectations.

Academic Requirements

In academic-credit internships, the academic component must be an integral part of the work experience. It is designed by the faculty mentor in consultation with the student and, if possible, the employer. This component might include a paper, a journal, a portfolio, or written notes from a series of interviews. Readings, assigned by the faculty mentor and by the employer sponsor, are generally also required. The academic component must be specified in the internship contract.



A student may enroll in an academic-credit internship in any term after the end of the sophomore year. During the fall and spring, three-credit internships require 120 total hours of work (10 hours per week), and two-credit internships require 80 total hours of work (6-7 hours per week). Variable internship credit is awarded according to hours worked. One hour of credit is awarded for every 40 hours worked per term, meaning that students working 120 total hours over the duration of the term will receive three credit hours for that term. All work must be sanctioned by and done on behalf of the internship supervisor and must be documented on a time card provided by the college.

If conducted during CentreTerm, the internship is full-time for three to four weeks for a total of 120 work hours and is not done while taking another course. If the CentreTerm internship lasts for more than three weeks, the internship will need to either begin before the actual beginning of the term or, more likely, last a week after the term officially ends. Internships completed during the fall and spring terms may provide a more comprehensive exposure to the sponsoring organization, while an internship completed during CentreTerm may be more intensive and more closely resemble the eight-hour-day work schedule.

The internship must start during the first week of the term. At the beginning of the term, students will attend a required group meeting with the other students enrolled in an internship. For CentreTerm, this meeting will take place at the end of the fall term.

Choosing an Internship

1) Identify an internship site with help from the CCPD, a faculty member, or using your own resources. We highly recommend that you complete a resume and have it critiqued before asking an organization for an internship with them. Resumes are the norm in the business world and potential sponsors will expect one. Remember that this is an educational experience. Some clerical work may be required in the position you will hold, but the major duties of the internship should be new to you and should stretch your knowledge and skills.

2) Identify an on-site supervisor as the internship manager at the employment site.


Preparing for Your New Internship

1) Find a faculty sponsor. This person does not need to be your advisor, but should be someone with a general understanding of the career field.

2) Discuss your goals and objectives for this internship with the faculty sponsor and, together, determine the academic component of the internship.

3) Register for INT 400. In order to receive credit for the internship, you must register for INT 400 for that academic term. (NOTE: Internships are normally for two or three hours credit. If you wish to register for more than three hours, you must petition the Academic Standards Committee with appropriate support from the faculty mentor and Career Services. Also, internships are generally not carried over into the next term. If you wish to do a second internship at the same organization, the internship must be a substantially different experience with significantly different duties.)

4) Complete an Academic-Credit Internship Contract. Centre College now requires that students complete their internship contracts online through InterNexus. This system will allow students to complete contracts more easily, both on- and off-campus, while allowing the Center for Career & Professional Development and the Registrar’s office to better manage the contract system. You may start the contract and save it at any time.

For complete instructions, see Internship Requirements and How to Complete the Internship Contract.

(NOTE: Failure to submit a fully completed contract to the Associate Dean by the deadline will automatically result in loss of credit for the internship.)

5) Attend a required meeting prior to, or at the very beginning of, the internship. This meeting will provide an introduction to experiential education.


Academic-credit internships during the fall, spring and CentreTerm are included in a student’s tuition at Centre.

Students interested in an academic-credit internship during the summer must pay tuition (currently a reduced fee of $350 for one credit hour or $375 for three credit hours).