Giving Opportunities


Column I: Support for Students

Full Scholarship – $1,000,000
An endowed fund of this size will produce enough annual income to completely cover room, board, tuition, and fees for a deserving student.
Tuition Scholarship – $750,000
A fund at this level will produce sufficient annual income to cover the tuition for a deserving student. 
Full Aid Scholarship – $500,000
The average need-based financial aid award for a qualifying student at Centre is approximately $25,000. A fund at this level will produce that much in annual income. 
Summer Internship – $80,000
Summer internships are almost always unpaid, meaning many well-qualified students forego them because they rely on a summer job to help pay tuition. A fund of this size will produce enough income to cover summer living expenses at minimum, making it a viable option for deserving students to pursue unpaid internships.
Scholarship – $50,000
A fund at this level will produce $2,500 in annual income, which will make a significant impact on the financial aid package of a deserving student.
Study Abroad – $50,000
Centre is well-known for its outstanding study abroad program. A fund of this size will allow a deserving student to participate in any of the College’s abroad programs without regard concern for the associated travel costs.
Summer Research – $25,000
More and more Centre students participate in collaborative research with Centre professors. A fund of this size will provide a modest stipend that makes it possible for students to pursue this opportunities in lieu of typical summer employment.


Column II: Support for Faculty

Norton Center – $10,000,000
A fund of this size will provide $500,000 in annual operating support, which is needed to continue Centre’s history of providing access to world-class performances to the Centre community and to the region, all at no cost to students.
Endowed Chair – $2,500,000
Nothing is more critical to Centre’s mission than outstanding teaching. A fund of this size will cover the compensation of a full professor, as well as supplemental funding for related discretionary funds, such as library resource, travel funds, etc. Chairs are generally maintained until retirement. 
Endowed Professorship – $500,000
A fund of this size will cover costs other than salary (travel, library resource, research, benefits, etc.) for a highly qualified professor. Professorships often are awarded for a specific period of time.
Newlin Hall Show – $500,000
A fund of this size will provide $25,000 annually to help cover artist fees for one of the featured Newlin Hall performances. 
Professor of Practice – $500,000
There are many people (artists, business executives, public servants, etc.) who have non-academic experiences that position them to be excellent teachers in their respective fields. A fund of this size will allow the College to bring highly qualified people to our campus for a term.
Writer-in-Residence – $500,000
Over the years, Centre has been able to bring many talented writers to campus, cobbling together funding from various sources. A fund of this size will allow us to make that a permanent addition to the College’s offerings. 
Faculty Start-up Fund – $250,000/$500,000
New faculty members often require start-up funding in terms of equipment, library resources, etc. As Centre competes with other outstanding colleges and universities for the most promising young teachers/scholars, we must be able to offer them the tools and resources that they would find at comparable institutions. The size of these funds might vary based on discipline and other factors. 
Lectureship – $250,000
It is a long Centre tradition to bring speakers to campus to address the community on a variety of issues outside the classroom, often in a convocation format. A fund of this size will provide $12,500 in annual income to support fees and travel expenses. 
Lab Fund – $100,000
The cost of equipping and maintaining well-equipped labs is a growing budgetary concern. A fund of this size will produce $5,000 annually for upkeep and maintenance on existing equipment
Weisiger Show – $100,000
Some of the most interesting and engaging shows at Centre take place on the Weisiger Theatre stage. A fund of this size will provide $5,000 annually in artist fees for one of these more intimate performances. 
“New Initiatives” – $100,000/$1,000,000
As the pace of change in our world accelerates, colleges like Centre must be able to respond with agility to new opportunities and challenges, while resisting temptation to succumb to fads. It is difficult to find room for such innovations in ongoing operating budgets. Funds for such “new initiatives” will allow the College to explore and implement such changes. The potential focus for such funds includes several high-priority items from the strategic plan (e.g., faculty diversity initiatives, the Center for Teaching and Learning,  and leadership development). 
Library Fund – $10,000
Perhaps nothing is more important to the life of a first-rate college than an exceptional library. A fund of this size will provide $500 in annual income and can be directed to a variety of purposes.


Column III: Support for Facilities

Capital Improvements Fund
Established by the Board of Trustees in the previous capital campaign, gifts to this fund provide a permanent endowment that produces annual income for the upkeep and replacement of college facilities. Gifts to the Capital Improvements Fund may be used to name existing unnamed campus spaces as follows:

  • Faculty/Staff Offices—$10,000 or more
  • Classrooms—$25,000 or more
  • Laboratories—$50,000 or more 
Residence Hall Renovations
Spectacular recent additions to the College’s collection of residence halls (Pearl Hall, Brockman Commons, etc.) have made it even clearer that many other residence halls are in need of significant updating. The costs of these projects vary and can be supported either by gifts to renovate a particular facility or by creating an endowment fund for that purpose.
While the Boles Natatorium and Johnson Pool have served Centre well for four decades, the College needs a new facility that will not only meet the needs of our competitive and recreational swimmers but will also be more energy-efficient. The cost will depend on many factors, but will surely reach or exceed $10,000,000.
Sacred Space
Spiritual life has always been an important part of Centre’s approach to educating the whole person. There have been discussions for many years about creating an on-campus sacred space that would be available for use by all faith traditions. As the College has grown both in size and in diversity, the need for such a space has also grown.