Dear Centre Community,

Whether you are a Centre alumna or alumnus, a parent, a friend of the College, or a current student, please accept my invitation to help us make history as we prepare Centre College for a third century of service.

Indeed, the $200 million fundraising goal of the Third Century Campaign is bold and when we hit it, it will make a huge difference in the life of the College. In short, this campaign will ensure that Centre remains a place of both high achievement and high opportunity and ensure that the campus remains beautiful, functional, and well-equipped to serve both students and faculty well into the future.

The Third Century Campaign is focused largely on growing the College’s endowment. A larger endowment will not only benefit future students and faculty; it will also more closely align Centre’s finances with the finances of our peer institutions, placing the College on stronger financial footing. Consider this—while we are currently ranked #45 in the nation by U.S. News, we have the lowest financial ranking of any institution in the Top 50 list. By contrast, we also consistently rank as one of the most economically diverse colleges in the nation. Taken together, these facts underscore the point: We have fewer resources, but we direct more of those resources toward putting the best student in front of the best faculty in the best educational environment, regardless of the student’s ability to afford this first class education.

Providing the Centre Experience requires an unwavering commitment to developing the whole student and an investment in the tools the process requires. I hope you will join us in making an investment in the College for our students and our faculty and those yet to come.


James C. Seabury, III P.E. (Jim) ’87
Chair, Third Century Campaign

Campaign Leadership


James C. Seabury, III ’87

Campaign Chair

John Barton

John R. Barton ’79

Vice Chair, Support for Faculty

Darryl Martin

Daryll W. Martin ’78

Vice Chair, Deferred Gifts

Crit Luallen

Crit Blackburn Luallen ’74

Campaign Steering Committee Chair

Thomas Baeker

Thomas R. Baeker

Vice Chair, Support for Facilities

Angie Evans

Angie McDonald Evans ’91

Vice Chair, At-Large

Anita Britton

Anita M. Britton ’76

Vice Chair, Support for Students

Jeff Mackin

Jeffrey L. Mackin ’83

Vice Chair, Annual Fund

Kevin Taylor

Kevin D. Taylor ’85

Vice Chair, At-Large

Campaign Steering Committee

• James C. Seabury, III ’87
• Crit Blackburn Luallen ’74
• Anita M. Britton ’76
• John R. Barton ’79
• Thomas R. Baeker
• Paul W. Chellgren
• G. Watts Humphrey, Jr.
• Randal B. Kell ’69
• Jeffrey L. Mackin ’83
• Daryll W. Martin ’78
• Angie McDonald Evans ’91
• Mark E. Nunnelly ’80
• George W. Privett, Jr.
• James L. Rogers III
• James D. Rouse ’62
• Kevin D. Taylor ’85

Board of Trustees

Randal B. Kell ‘69

Mark E. Nunnelly ’80
Vice Chairman

James D. Rouse ’62

James H. Evans ‘43
J. David Grissom ‘60
Pierce Lively ‘43
Nelson D. Rodes, Jr. ‘54

Thomas R. Baeker
John R. Barton ‘79
William S. Bowmer III ‘83
Anita M. Britton ‘76
Sheila A. Burks ‘75
Rutheford B. “Biff” Campbell, Jr. ‘66
Greg W. Caudill
Paul W. Chellgren
Vicki A. Darnell
Joanne Kirk Duncan ‘71
Robert L. Elliott ‘71
Barbara F. Emler ‘76
Angie McDonald Evans ‘91
G. Watts Humphrey, Jr.
Lea Stromire Johnson ‘82
Randal B. Kell ‘69
Elizabeth T. Kennan
Crit Blackburn Luallen ‘74
Jeffrey L. Mackin ’83
Kenneth J. Mardick ‘66
Daryll W. Martin ‘78
Thomas H. Meeker
John H. Newman ‘66
Mark E. Nunnelly ‘80
Peggy Purdom Patterson ‘72
George W. Privett, Jr.
Eddy Roberts, Jr.
James L. Rogers III
James D. Rouse ‘62
James C. Seabury, III ‘87
James A. Smith ‘80
Lee D. Tatum ‘89
Kevin D. Taylor ‘85

William H. Breeze ‘45
S. Gordon Dabney
Gordon B. Davidson ‘49
Richard L. Frymire ‘52
Mary Hardaway Griffith ‘68
John W. Landrum ‘43
Charles J. Luellen
Joseph H. Patterson ‘61
Lillian H. Press
James M. Ratcliffe ‘53
Jane L. Stevenson ‘53
Margaret A. Menges Stroup ‘60