Can Your Giving Change the World?

Inspired by the integrity, intelligence, persistence, and leadership of Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Challenge is an effort to raise $20 million, matched dollar-for-dollar by a gift of $20 million, to build a $40 million endowment for the Lincoln Scholars Program.

By supporting this initiative, your gift will be doubled and will have the effect of bringing to Centre’s campus 40 top-caliber students (10 per class year) who have the capacity and a deep desire to change the world. Lincoln Scholars receive “full-ride plus” scholarships, renewable for four years. In the summer before their first year at Centre, Lincoln Scholars will participate in a ten-day endeavor that includes an introspective short course on leadership, a colloquium on Lincoln, and a three-night, four-day Outward Bound experience in North Carolina. In addition, each Lincoln Scholar will engage with the program director to chart an intentional, self-initiated course of study, research, service, and co-curricular experiences over four years. Summers after the first year at Centre will be devised in conjunction with the program director.

Individuals, families, or groups of classmates or friends are invited to pool their gifts to raise $500,000 and name a scholarship in honor of someone dear to them. The last name of their chosen honoree will be attached alongside that of President Lincoln’s. For example, if Jane Doe and her family give $500,000, a Lincoln-Doe Scholarship will be awarded each year in honor of the Doe Family.

Centre College will graciously accept gifts of all sizes for the Lincoln Challenge. All gifts to the Lincoln Challenge will be counted toward both the Challenge and the Third Century Campaign goal of $200 million.

As Lincoln himself said,

I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.

Consider being that friend for a future Lincoln Scholar. Leave a lasting legacy of generosity and opportunity for generations of Centre students to come.