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Contact Public Safety

Walnut House, First Floor
847 West Walnut Street
Call ext. “HELP” (4357) on the campus telephone system or 859.236.4357 from all other telephones.
Emergency Telephone:
For confirmed emergency situations that require the immediate assistance of police, fire, or EMS, the Danville Public Safety Department can be reached by calling 9-911.

Department of Public Safety Staff

The department maintains a staff of two directors and seven full-time public safety officers. The officers monitor the campus, respond to calls for assistance, and are trained in fire safety. There is at least one officer on duty at all times.

Rick Johnson

Photo of  Rick  Johnson
Public Safety Officer Centre CollegePublic Safety Work Phone: 859.238.5535

Rick joined Centre in 2012. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Rick is a graduate of Lafayette High School in Lexington and attended college at the University of Kentucky. Prior to coming to Centre, Rick retired after 25 years with the Division of Fire & EMS in Lexington as a Fire Captain/Paramedic. He also served as a Level One State of Kentucky Fire Instructor in the fields of EMS/Paramedic, Haz Mat Awareness, Aircraft Rescue-Firefighting, and Residential/Commerical Fire Inspections. Rick also owned a personal “Home Improvement” Business for 34 years.

Email: paul.johnson@centre.edu

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Public Safety to make every effort to provide a safe and secure environment for each student, employee, and guest of Centre College. We will strive to treat all persons equally with courtesy, consideration, and dignity.

Our Role on Campus

It is the department’s responsibility to make every reasonable effort to provide a safe living and learning environment for our students, faculty and staff. Their efforts are not limited to criminal activities but will respond to any matter involving the personal safety of someone in the Centre College community. In addition, the department ensures that the college is in compliance with safety and security related federal, state, and local laws.

Public Safety personnel do not have arrest powers. Their authority is established and defined by the administrative officers of the College. The department also performs an academic service and support role since observance of policies, rules, and regulations is part of an overall educational experience.