Program Expectations and Benefits

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Centre College Bonner Program recognized by Inspiring ServiceThe Centre College Bonner Program, and three of its students, were recognized with a 2016-17 Inspiring Service Award. The Bonner...

The Bonner Program at Centre College has two elements, Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders. Each element makes a significant difference in the lives of individuals in our local community. All Bonners, whether Leaders or Scholars, are treated the same within the program. Each Bonner is held to the same high standards and receives unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Bonner provides resources, training, and development for a tight knit community of students dedicated to social justice issues. The Bonner Center for Service and Civic Engagement serves as a space for meeting and studying.
While the requirements for each aspect of the Program are the same, there are slight differences in benefits. These are listed below:

Expectations of Bonner Leaders and Scholars

• 8-10 hours of direct service each week during the school year
• Participation in weekly meetings and training events
• 280 total Bonner hours per academic year (80% direct service, 20% meetings and trainings)
• Participation in the Bonner Fall and Centre Term retreats
• Participation in the annual service trip in May of first year – organized and financed by Centre
• Participation in the Sophomore Service Exchange – organized and financed by Centre

Bonner Scholar Benefits
(for students who demonstrate significant financial need)

• Entire documented need met through grants, scholarships, and loans
• $2,500 scholarship each year
• Bonner service site doubles as work-study site (if student is eligible for work-study)
• Required two Summers of Service with a guaranteed stipend of $2,500
• Access to the Bonner Community Fund Grant – an award of up to $500 to help facilitate a service project
• $2,000 loan reduction award upon graduation

Bonner Leader Benefits

• Optional summers of service, with compensation provided of up to $2,500
• Bonner service site doubles as work-study site if eligible
• Access to the Bonner Community Fund Grant – an award of up to $500 to help with a service project