Program Expectations and Benefits

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The Bonner Program at Centre College has two elements, Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders. Each element makes a significant difference in the lives of individuals in our local community. All Bonners, whether Leaders or Scholars, are treated the same within the program. Each Bonner is held to the same high standards and receives unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Bonner provides resources, training, and development for a tight knit community of students dedicated to social justice issues. The Bonner Center for Service and Civic Engagement serves as a space for meeting and studying.
While the requirements for each aspect of the Program are the same, there are slight differences in benefits. These are listed below:

Expectations of Bonner Leaders and Scholars

• Bonners commit to complete an average of 10 hours of service a week (140 hours per semester) during the academic year. These hours are made up mainly of direct service at a community organization.
• Bonners commit to training sessions, enrichment workshops, retreats, and weekly seminars that address social issues and teach tangible skills.
• First year Bonners participate in a New Bonner Orientation prior to the Centre College new student orientation.
• Participation in the Bonner Program is much more than simply completing the required service hours. Bonners are part of a community that strives to cultivate and maintain a service-minded culture both on Centre College’s campus and in Danville.

Bonner Scholar Benefits
(for students who demonstrate significant financial need)

• Bonner Scholars will receive a $25,000 annual scholarship contingent upon successful completion of school-year academic service requirements.
• Bonner Scholars are required to participate in two summer internships at nonprofit organizations of their choice anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. During each summer, Scholars receive up to $1,000 for summer living expenses and an earnings stipend of $1500 upon completion of 280 hours of summer service.
• Upon four years of successful completion of the Bonner Program, the Bonner Foundation awards $2,000 toward student loan reduction.

Bonner Leader Benefits

• During the academic year, Bonner Leaders are compensated through Federal Work-Study for 8-10 hours of service per week.
• Bonner Leaders are able to participate in summer internships at nonprofit organizations of their choice in anywhere in the US or abroad. (limited funding available)