Olin Hall

Olin Hall

Built: 1988
Named for F.W. Olin Foundation
Address: 630 West Walnut Street, Danville, Ky. 40422
Academic Facility: Classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices for the physical, mathematical, and computer sciences departments

Students have access to modern laboratories and equipment year round.

In 1986 the F.W. Olin Foundation of New York City, N.Y., awarded Centre a $3.5 million grant, the first by the foundation to a Kentucky college or university, to construct a physical science building on campus. The facility features new scientific equipment and instrumentation, and provides space for long-term student/faculty research projects. It also provides computer facilities linked to the existing campus network to support the physical sciences.

In the Olin Hall foyer is a two-story Foucault pendulum, which demonstrates the rotation of the earth beneath the plane of the pendulum’s swing.