Centre Bucks


Centre Bucks

Centre Bucks give you the ability to have an on-campus debit card through your Centre student ID card. Make a deposit into your Centre Bucks account through the Finance Office located in the Horky House. Visit the cashier window to make a deposit in person. The cashier window is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except for the noon lunch hour) Monday through Friday. You may call the Finance Office at 859.238.5452 to make a deposit using your credit card (American Express, Mastercard and Visa accepted).

Centre Bucks carry over from year to year in your account until graduation. Any positive Centre Bucks balance remaining at that time may be returned to the student.

If you lose your Centre I.D. card you should immediately visit the Student Life Office (or contact Security during evenings and weekends) to cancel the lost card and have another I.D. card made. The College cannot reimburse for any purchases made without your permission, so it is imperative that such action be taken as soon as possible.

What is the difference between Centre Bucks and the Food Flex Dollars?

Food Flex Dollars are part of the meal plan you choose each year. The Food Flex Dollars are added to your Centre I.D. card in a separate account and you can use them at the main dining hall, or at The Hall of Fame Cafe.

Centre Bucks are extra dollars you add to you account and can be used as described below. You may NOT use them to purchase alcohol or cigarettes (even if you are over 21).

Where can you use your Centre Bucks?


• Centre Document Services printing/publishing
• Laundry
• Pepsi Machines
• Printing/copying (in the library and other academic stations)


Food Flex Dollars and NOT accepted at off-campus locations.

• The Centre Bookstore
CVS/Pharmacy #6335
The Hub Coffee House and Café
Off Centre Laundry and Tanning (only for tanning services)
Papa John’s #104

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