Course Selection and Registration, Advising, and Placement Testing

All first-year students take four academic courses per semester in the following areas:
• Social Studies
• Science
• Foreign Language
• Mathematics
• Other courses
Placement testing instructions
In choosing your courses, keep the following in mind:
• If you need to establish basic skills in mathematics, you will need to take MAT 110 or MAT 140 (depending on your placement) before the end of your sophomore year.
• If you need to establish basic skills in a foreign language, you will need to study a foreign language through the first-year level (also completed by the end of the sophomore year).
• You must take at least one course in mathematics or foreign language beyond the basic skills level, or a computer science class. NOTE: Students who have met the basic skills requirement in both math and foreign language are not required to take a course in both at Centre. One course beyond the basic skills level in only one of those areas (or a computer science course) is required.
• Choose at least one course in an area that you are considering as a possible major.
• Look over the course descriptions of first-year classes. This will also help you make your selection. Click here to access the course catalog.
• Once you have taken all of the above into consideration, complete the online course selection survey by July 10.
• The course selection survey you complete will help us generate your fall semester schedule, which will be available by August 2. Don’t worry—when you get to campus, you’ll be meeting with your academic advisor to make any needed changes.