Everyone at Centre lives and works as a community. Our residence halls provide convenience, comfort, and safety in an environment that promotes respect and responsibility.


Important Housing Information

Students are required to reside in college residences and to dine on campus. Permission to live off-campus is determined by the Housing Committee. Permission to be exempt from the campus meal plan is determined by the director of the Student Health Center.

Considerations will be made for students who wish to live at home with their parents in or near Danville. Married students are expected to arrange for their own off-campus housing. Students who have reached senior status may apply for off-campus housing subject to permission from the Housing Committee. Students granted permission to live off-campus are notified on or before August 1.

Your Room

Each double occupancy room has one set of twin beds that can be bunked, two desks, two closets, two mirrors, two dressers, and two desk chairs. All rooms are air conditioned. All rooms have mini-blinds. The College does not furnish lamps, linens, or other accessories. There are no single rooms for new students. Decorating Rooms: All rooms are painted an off-white color. Students are not allowed to do anything to the interior that may damage the room (painting, driving nails, using flammable decorations, etc., is prohibited).

Your Roommate

There are two ways to determine roommate assignments. A student may choose to room with someone whom he or she knows by indicating the choice on the Roommate Selection Questionnaire. Both students must indicate this choice, or a student may be matched with a roommate based on this questionnaire, and the information provided by the Admission Office staff on each incoming student. The name, home address, and telephone number of each roommate is sent to the other in the summer so that contact can be made between the roommates. Students are not permitted to switch rooms without written authorization from the Housing Office. Roommates are required to live together for the first six weeks of school. Resident Assistants are trained to assist students who are having difficulties living in a residence hall setting.

Damage Assessment

Before fall term begins, each room in every residence hall/house is checked for condition and inventory. The findings are recorded on a “room inventory/housing contract sheet” which each resident receives at check-in. It is important for each resident to review the sheet and check the room carefully to see if there are any additions to be made. The sheet must then be signed and returned to the RA immediately. When the student checks out of the room, charges will be assessed for all damages or missing items from the room that are not noted on the “room inventory sheet.” “Room inventory sheets” not returned by the deadline will be assumed to be correct and the student will become responsible for any damages not noted on the original “room inventory sheet.” Any time a student vacates a room, whether switching rooms or leaving the College, a room inventory will be done. Residents should request a completed copy from their RA.


Students must use the beds provided by the College. All beds are twin sized and need extra long sheets. Most mattresses are 36” x 80.” Students are responsible for their own linens. The Student Life Office has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to ensure that students can find XL twin sheets, comforters, matching towels, and storage items. The Value Pak has everything you need for campus living! Don’t forget—ordering from Residence Hall Linens ensures you have XL twin sheets that fit the extra long beds and guaranteed until graduation. Click here to see what is available.


There are kitchen areas in Acheson, Brockman Commons, Cheek, Cooper-Ganfield, Tyler-LaMotte, Stevenson-Vinson, Pearl, Stuart, Bingham, Evans, Nevin, and Yerkes. Most of these have stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and sinks. Students using the kitchens are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Residential Facilities

Please visit the CAMPUS MAP for detailed information including floor plans and room dimensions for all residential facilities.

Acheson House
Caldwell House
Bingham Hall
Breckinridge Hall
Brockman Residential Commons
Cheek House

Evans House
Cooper House
Ganfield House
Fifth Street Apartments
Fox Hall
Grant Street Apartments

Hillside Houses
LaMotte House
Tyler House
762 West Main
Nevin Hall
Pearl Hall
Rodes Apartments

Ruby Cheek House
Stevenson House
Vinson House
Stuart Hall
Walnut House
Wiseman Hall
Yerkes House

Greek Park

Beta Theta Pi (Breeze House)
Delta Kappa Epsilon
Phi Delta Theta House
Phi Kappa Tau House
Sigma Alpha Epsilon House
Sigma Chi House

Greek Park

Alpha Delta Pi
Delta Delta Delta House
Kappa Alpha Theta House
Kappa Kappa Gamma House
Kappa Delta