Public Safety


Contact Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety’s office is located on the 1st floor of the Walnut House.
Call ext. “HELP” (4357) on the campus telephone system or 859.236.4357 from all other telephones.
For confirmed emergency situations that require the immediate assistance of police, fire, or EMS, the Danville Public Safety Department can be reached by calling 9-911.

Public Safety Information:

Crime and Fire Log
Sex Offender Registry
Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
Clery Annual Report on Crime Statistics

DPS Staff

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Public Safety to make every effort to provide a safe and secure environment for each student, employee, and guest of Centre College. We will strive to treat all persons equally with courtesy, consideration, and dignity.

Meet the Staff

The department maintains a staff of two Directors and seven full-time Public Safety Officers. The Officers monitor the campus, respond to calls for assistance, and are trained in fire safety. There is at least one officer on duty at all times. Click here for staff information.

Our Role on Campus

It is the department’s responsibility to make every reasonable effort to provide a safe living and learning environment for our students, faculty and staff. Their efforts are not limited to criminal activities but will respond to any matter involving the personal safety of someone in the Centre College community. In addition, the department ensures that the college is in compliance with safety and security related federal, state, and local laws.

Public Safety personnel do not have arrest powers. Their authority is established and defined by the administrative officers of the College. The department also performs an academic service and support role since observance of policies, rules, and regulations is part of an overall educational experience.

Vehicle Registration

All motorized vehicles must be registered when they are brought to campus. Owners will be issued a decal indicating the lot(s) in which they are authorized to park. An annual $50 registration fee will be assessed to the student’s bill. Temporary decals may be purchased at the Department of Public Safety for $2 per week. For those students who do not live in Centre College residences, a commuter decal must be purchased for $10. Visitor permits are free of charge and may be obtained at the Public Safety Annex. Parking on the streets surrounding the campus does not exempt students or faculty/staff from registration and the acquisition of a decal.

Online Vehicle Registration

Student, Faculty and Staff can now register their vehicles over the Internet. Click here to visit CentreNet and begin the registration process. Login with your user name and password, click on the appropriate tab (ex: Student tab, Staff tab, or Faculty tab). Then click on Vehicle Registration link.

Designated Parking Areas

Students with a current decal are authorized to park in the following areas: the lot on Main St., west of Centre Shoppes; the lot at the corner of Grant and College streets; the lots surrounding the Hillside units; the lots adjacent to Acheson-Caldwell, Cheek-Evans, and Yerkes; the lot behind Bingham excluding the area designated for faculty/staff; the designated lots on Beatty Ave; the lot behind the Wellness Center; and the southern section of the lot to the south of LaMotte/Tyler. Students are allowed to park in Faculty/Staff lots after 5pm until 7 a.m. during the week and during the weekend until 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

Students who live in college residences on St. Mildred’s Court (Rodes, Fox Hall, 122) are required to park in the lot behind 125 St. Mildred’s Court.

Faculty/Staff with a current decal are authorized to park in the following areas: the lots behind the Horky House and the Alumni House; designated sections of the Bingham Lot; the lots behind and adjacent to the Breeze House; the northern section of the lot to the south of LaMotte/Tyler; the lot behind Young Hall; the lot beside Boles Natatorium; the lot behind the Norton Center/Grant Hall; and the area in the NE corner of Centre Shoppes lot.

Parking Fines

No Decal Displayed $50
Fire Lane $50
Restricted Area $50
Yellow Zone $50
On the Grass $50
Handicapped Area $75

Parking Citation Appeals Procedures

In order to more consistently and efficiently address questions concerning parking citations, the Department of Public Safety has established a written appeals process. Appeals must be filed in writing within 7 business days from the date the citation was issued. Please login to CentreNet to access parking citation appeal form. Persons filing appeals will be notified by campus mail regarding the outcome.

Booting Policy

If any member of the Centre community receives 3 parking tickets within the academic year, she/he will receive a notice stating that if she/he parks in an unauthorized area again, the vehicle will be immobilized with a portable boot device. Once a vehicle has been booted, the owner will be notified and they must contact Public Safety to have the boot removed. If the owner fails to have the boot removed within 24 hours, an additional fee of $25 per day will be assessed. If the vehicle is once again parked illegally, it will be ticketed and the owner’s parking privileges will be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year.

Jeanne Clery and Michael Minger Acts

Jeanne Clery Act

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (formerly known as the Campus Security Act) was signed into law in November 1990 and amended in 1998. It requires that all institutions of higher education report annually to students and employees on specific campus crime statistics and security policies and procedures. Campuses must also issue timely warnings to the campus community concerning serious crimes on campus and must file their crime statistics electronically with the Department of Education on an annual basis. It also requires that institutions maintain a daily campus crime log, which must be available for daily inspection. This publication meets the requirements of that law and demonstrates compliance with the Federal and Drug Free Schools and Communities Acts Amendments of 1989 to the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Michael Minger Act

This Kentucky state legislation was passed in response to the death of Michael Minger, a Murray State student who died in his college dorm room as a result of arson. The legislation is designed to provide greater security for students attending postsecondary educations institutions in the Commonwealth. It mirrors the Clery Act in many ways with a few exceptions. One of the differences of this regulation is that the crime log must be available on computer networks. The Minger Act also clarifies issues with the jurisdiction of the state fire marshal and requires campus officials to notify the state fire marshal of any fire or threat of fire on campus. This includes all fire alarm activations. Information concerning either of these laws can be obtained by contacting the Department of Public Safety.