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“Centre policy on sexual misconduct revised”

Via The Advocate Messenger

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

As part of Centre College’s on-going and continuous commitment to campus well-being, we are unveiling a new Sexual Misconduct Policy and launching a training module on sexual assault intended for use by the entire campus community.

Centre is a caring community that places a premium on student safety and healthy relationships. The new policy and program are intended to send a clear and unmistakable statement against sexual misconduct of any kind.

Policy revisions began almost two years ago and focused on moving away from separate policies contained in student, faculty and staff handbooks. The new document eliminates inconsistencies and incorporates updated definitions of sexual misconduct as a broad category of behaviors that includes not just sexual harassment, violence, and exploitation but also stalking, bullying, and retaliation. Cyber-related misconduct is also included.

The new policy is the work of an expanded Title IX team, which references the original higher education act amendment signed into law in 1972 by President Richard Nixon and championed by Sen. Birch Bayh of Indiana. While the legislation has focused largely on ending discrimination in hiring and athletic programs, sexual harassment and violence was emphasized in 2011 by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. More recently, a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, created in January 2014, has announced additional policy recommendations.

As part of our policy revision efforts, Centre will ask all students, faculty, and staff to complete a training module called “Haven—Understanding Sexual Assault” created by the EverFi learning platform. Incoming first-year students will also be expected to complete the training module prior to their arrival for the beginning of the academic year on Monday, September 1.

My thanks in particular to Kay Drake, Jamey Leahey, and Ben Nelson for their work on this, along with all members of the Title IX team: Sarah Scott Hall, Gina Nicoletti, Mary Gulley, Gary Bugg, and Kevin Milby.

John A. Roush
President, Centre College

Important Changes You Need to Know

For Centre College, our community’s safety and well-being continues to be of vital importance. In particular, we want to send a clear and unmistakable statement against sexual misconduct of all kinds, especially sexual violence.

As part of our on-going efforts, the College has developed a comprehensive sexual misconduct policy to outline our expectations consistently to faculty, students, parents, and staff.

In August, we will be introducing this new policy across campus and will offer on-going activities to help individuals understand the College’s expectations.

Some things to note within this new policy:

It applies to all students, faculty, and staff as a whole.

It establishes the definition of sexual misconduct as a broad category of behaviors that includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, stalking, cyber-stalking, bullying, cyber-bullying, aiding or facilitating the commission of a violation, and retaliation.

It expands the Title IX team’s membership and authority to ensure that the College responds to all reports in a timely, effective, and consistent manner.

It steps up our readiness to respond off-campus. It states if you are studying away, participating in an internship or any other college-sponsored activity off campus, the responsible College office and directing Faculty or Staff will have resource information readily available.

It delineates that people on campus have different reporting responsibilities and different authority to maintain confidentiality, depending on their roles and upon College policy.

  • It considers certain people to be “Responsible Employees,” which means that they are employees who are required to report any alleged sexual misconduct incidents. The following are Responsible Employees under this Policy: The President of the College and all members of Senior Staff; all employees within the Department of Public Safety, the Office of Student Life, the Athletics Department, the Human Resources Office, all Faculty, and any Staff who have sufficient authority to take action to address the concern.
  • Centre College Resident Assistants and Resident Directors are also considered “Responsible Employees” and are under the same requirements of reporting as other employees, listed above.
  • It considers Centre College Counselors, the Chaplain, Parsons Student Health Center, and off-campus mental health providers or rape crisis counselors as positions that are not required to report any personally identifiable information given in confidence, unless given permission by the individual.
  • It requires any of these individuals to work with the individual reporting a concern to 1) determine their desired emotional, physical and safety support needs; 2) discuss their options to access appropriate on- or off- campus health or counseling resources of their choice; and 3) review their options to pursue on-campus and off-campus judicial proceedings.

It requires the Title IX Team to oversee the resolution of all reported sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct through the College’s resolution processes. The appropriate resolution process followed will be determined by the role of the Respondent:

  • Complaints against Students will be resolved under the direction of the Vice President and Dean of Student Life.
  • Complaints against Staff will be resolved under the direction of the Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services.
  • Complaints against Faculty will be resolved under the direction of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.
Complete Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF)