Resources for Complainants and Respondents

The College offers assistance and non-judgmental support to any party involved in an incident of sexual misconduct. The College understands that individuals involved in an incident of sexual misconduct will have questions and may need the support of on- and off-campus services. All parties are encouraged to utilize both on-campus and off-campus resources for assistance.

Any member of the College community involved in an incident of sexual misconduct can expect:

The opportunity to meet with the Title IX Coordinator, a Deputy Title IX Coordinator, or his/her designated representatives to answer questions regarding the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and/or complaint procedures for students and employees.

Details about available on- and off-campus confidential resources, including medical assistance and counseling services.

Information on the option to file a complaint with law enforcement authorities and assistance, if requested from the Department of Public Safety or other College officials in notifying and communicating with such authorities.

Immediate measures by the College to prevent unnecessary or unwelcomed contact with or proximity to the other party. Such measures may include housing relocation, the imposition of no-contact orders, and adjustments to course or work schedules to prevent contact, as determined appropriate by the Title IX Coordinator, his/her deputies or designated representatives.

The right to be free from retaliation. Any retaliatory behavior should be immediately reported to the Department of Public Safety at 859-236-4357 or by dialing for “HELP” (4357) on a campus phone. The Department of Public Safety is available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What To Do If You Experience Sexual Violence

Any student, employee, or member of the College community who experiences sexual violence is encouraged to immediately notify law enforcement (911) and/or seek immediate medical assistance. Centre College’s Department of Public Safety will provide transportation, upon request. They can be reached at 859-236-4357 or by dialing for “HELP” (4357) on a campus phone.

If you have experienced sexual violence, you are advised to:

1. Go to a safe place.

2. Call someone that you trust – a good friend, your family, a counselor, or a chaplain.

3. Seek medical care as soon as possible at any emergency medical facility, such as Ephraim
McDowell Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room or the University of Kentucky Emergency Room. To preserve your legal options, it is important to have a medical exam to assess for physical injuries and to collect evidence. You may have the exam and then decide not to pursue legal action. The medical provider will address the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Prophylactic medications will be offered. The medical examination is free. To preserve evidence and to assist the examination:

Be sure DO NOT bathe, douche, urinate, or defecate prior to arriving at the Emergency Room.
Be sure DO NOT change clothes. If you have already removed clothing, put it in a PAPER bag and bring it with you.
TAKE extra clothes, as clothing will be held as evidence.
Please ask for someone you trust or a member of the faculty or staff to come with you.

4. Report the assault to campus authorities, local law enforcement and/or to one of the members of the Title IX Team (however, see below regarding confidentiality). Individuals are strongly encouraged to come forward to report an assault and to receive appropriate professional counseling. In addition to being a violation of this Policy, sexual assault is a criminal act, and the College takes sexual misconduct very seriously. Centre College is committed to ensuring a safe campus for all students and employees.

Local Resources

Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center


After Hours:
800.656.HOPE or 859.253.2511

Centre College Counseling Services (for students only)


After Hours:
859.238.5740 to receive an emergency number

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (for Faculty and Staff only)

800.865.1044 (24 Hours a day)

Centre College Student Health Services (for students only)

859.238.5530 or contact Centre DPS at 859.236.4357 to reach a nurse after hours

Centre College Chaplain Services


Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center

859.239.1000 (24 hours a day)

Centre College Dept. of Public Safety

859.236.4357 (24 hours a day)

Danville Police Dept.

859.238.1220 (24 hours a day)

Out of the Area Resources

If you experience sexual violence while you are away from the Danville-Boyle County area, you are encouraged to contact local similar resources and/ or seek guidance from a member of the Title IX Team.

Counseling Services and Other Assistance

Student Counseling Services are available to students involved in a sexual assault. Through these services, the College seeks to provide emotional and psychological support necessary to heal following an incident. Counseling services are available to every student free of charge. Offices are located in the Parson’s Student Health Center (lower level of Sutcliffe Hall) and you can reach the office by calling 859-238-5530. Counseling sessions are confidential within the limits of the law. Legal exceptions to confidentiality apply when there is a serious risk of harm to self or others, or when there is abuse that falls under mandatory reporting requirements.

Educational Programs Available

All students are educated about sexual assault and personal safety in first year orientation. Resident Assistants receive additional, specialized training on sexual assault. Additionally, educational programs on sexual misconduct are available for all residence halls, Greek organizations, and other student groups through Parsons Student Health Center ext. 5530, Student Counseling Services ext. 5740, and the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center 859-236-4445. Programs on self-defense and personal safety are available through the Department of Public Safety ext. 4357 and the local police department.

Human Resources, ext. 5465, coordinates and provides sexual assault training for Staff and Faculty.