Complaint and Formal Grievance Procedures


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The following policy is in place to allow members of the Centre community to address grievances or complaints with appropriate college officials. The information below outlines the standard procedure for dealing with grievances or formal complaints:

The first step in resolving any alleged grievance is ordinarily for the aggrieved person to
discuss the matter with the person he/she feels to be responsible for the offense. Under
some circumstances, however, the person alleging the grievance may prefer to discuss the
matter first with a college officer, not with the alleged offender.

If in doubt about the grievance procedure or proper action under it, students should consult
with the Dean of Student Life; faculty members should consult with the Dean of the College;
and all other employees with the Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services.

At each step in the grievance procedure, an attempt is to be made to resolve the issue
involved. If the issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved in that way, the next step in the
procedure is then taken.

The grievance and formal complaint procedure for students is as follows:
1) If the alleged grievance has occurred in the instructional program of the College, the
situation should be discussed with the Associate Dean; other cases should be discussed
with the Dean of Student Life. If the matter is not resolved,
2) review the matter with the appropriate committee of the College. If resolution is not achieved,
3) discuss the matter with the Dean of the College. Prior to this conference a written
statement of the alleged grievance will be required if it has not been previously prepared.
4) Subsequent to this, a hearing may be requested before the Dean of the College; at this
hearing there is the right to present additional evidence related to the alleged grievance
and to be represented by counsel.
5) Final appeal may be made to the President of the College.

The College is required under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the requirements of other governmental bodies, by external agencies for accreditation and recognition, and by its own policy, to have procedures to ensure full compliance with Title IX and other requirements and regulations and to have and to make known procedures for dealing with any grievances on the part of students, faculty members, and other employees of the College.

The set of grievance procedures above was developed in 1976, was widely distributed and posted at that time, and has been in effect and posted since October of that year. That statement of grievance procedures amended only as to form and to bring the titles of certain college officials in conformity to present usage, was reaffirmed in 1982 and was updated in 1986.51.