Articles and Addresses


Articles and Addresses by President Roush

From the President: College should be an adventure (Huffington Post, 2015)

The Economics of Excellence: Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (2014)

Intercollegiate Sports: Putting First Things Second

The Cure for College Sports’ Professional Madness (2013)

The Economics of Excellence (2013)

“Centre’s Lincoln:” Founders Day Address (January 2014)

“Our Nation? Our Commonwealth?” (December 2013)

Godspeed (May 2013)

“Preparing Tomorrow’s Citizen-Leaders” (August 2012)

“Disruption, Innovation, Technology, and the Liberal Arts College” (July 2012)

“The Expense of Ignorance and the Value of Accountability” (May 2012)

“You’ll Need to Go Wide” (March 2012)

Colleges should shoot for balance in academics and athletics Business Lexington, (March 2012)

Guest Column: The Cure for college sports (March 2011)

Kentucky Economic Development Conference (March 2010)

“State of the College and the American Academy” (September 2009)

Godspeed (May 2009)

“Thanksgiving, Dreams & Hope, and a Dose of Courage” (May 2009)

NCAA Athletes Work Long Hours, Survey Says Diverse Issues in Higher Education, (September 2009)

“Centre: A Place That Matters” (January 2008)

Leadership speech given at the Eastern Association of College and University Officers (June 2007)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Community Celebration (January 2007)

“Dancing with Dreams and Courage” (December 2006)

“NSSE: What Does it Mean—Why Does It Matter?” (May 2006)

“Education for the 21st Century Deserves Support” (Summer 2005)

“Declining Civility Polarizes America” (March 2005)

“The Buck Stops Here: Increased Accountability in the President’s Office” (September 2004)

“Honoring Military Service” (February 2004)

President’s commentary in Kentucky Monthly (June 2003)

“Colleges, Communities, and the Common Good” (April 2003)

“Centre of the Mark:” A Call to Opportunity and Excellence in Kentucky (July 2002)

“Building Fires and Digging Wells” (May 2002)

“Leadership in the Wake of September 11, 2001: Do We Have What it Takes?” (October 2001)

A return to the way college sports were meant to be Chicago Tribune (2001)

Installation Address (April 1999)